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My ISP is BT openworld. I trade on the net and they chop me off after 1.30 or 2 hours (I never know which it is going to be).

I queried this and got the usual convoluted answer, 'it is for the good of all customers'. This I fail to see as I can get reconnected immediately, although I lose my connection to my SB site. This causes delays and has caused me problems in the past. It also makes me wary of trading when the 'witching' hour approaches. Does anyone know of an ISP provider who supplies what they are paid for. Free access to the net at the stated times.(preferably using an 044 number).

Even if I could afford it at the moment, there is no broadband access at my home.

Any help gratefully recieved!!!

hi orchard,

Presumable, you are using BT's unlimited internet access facility.

I've had broadband (dunno how I lived without it) for the past 3 weeks, but before that, I was using AOL for unlimited access. They may be a couple of quid more costly than BT and others, but the service is great. Firstly, the access number is and 0800 number, and secondly, you can use it from various locations, not just a registered phone number. And last, but not least especially for you, they don't have a cut off period. You can quite easily stay logged on for several hours, and they don't cut you off.

Definately worth looking into.

Hope that helps.
Thanks dsmodi for your reply. Two major problems with AOL (I use it at work). It takes over the internet and I cannot access my spread betting company, for some reason. I will keep looking.

When aol is running. Minus that to the toolbar and open explorer.

Use that to access the sb.

If, as I believe you are using fins. They have been saying for the last few months that people have been having probs using aol.

Most isp's have a cut off at 2 hours. If you are getting cut off sooner, check the connection settings in explorer, you might find they are set different.

Oh, and broadband is coming down in price now with a couple of companies doing it for around the £20 mark

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I know for a fact there is no problem accessing fins even if you are using aol. As options has suggested, just open up explorer as a separate window to AOL. As long as you are connected to the internet, IE will also connect.

If you aren't using fins, then please let us know which company you use. Someone here may know of a solution. Or contact the company themselves - they should know what to do.

But, long and short is, having used AOL extensively, I have not had an problems with them. When there has been a problem, the AOL free helpline has also been helpful. Try them out - they tend to give something like a 100 free hours (freefone number as well, so doesn't harm the phone bill).
Thanks Options and dsmodi. will try your solution (at work- dont want to wreck my set up at home!!) Have tried minimising AOL and going through IE but AOL cut in - will look again. I know broadband is coming down, but I have checked and it is not available in my area (up in the frozen north). Your input much appreciated.
Orchard, if you don't have any further joy with AOL, you might wanna check out 24/7 ( I was having the same problem as you with BT Openworld (although I could never reconnect straight away after they cut me off), so I looked around and found that Virgin don't have a two hour restriction in their T&Cs. They DO say they can chop you if you're inactive for 10 mins, but if you're watching live prices that's hardly likely to be a problem. Cost is £13.49 a month. I don't use it myself anymore since BT upgraded my local exchange to broadband, but the T&Cs don't appear to have changed since I used them.
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