In This Thread, i will post what i like and dislike about the UK


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ya forgot da weather mate.... ;)

cool list tho ... (and i don't mean "cool" in the weather sense)


Car Key Boi

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more likes and dislikes


UK drivers are far more courteous than in the States and especially the Caribbean

UK highway cops are extremely friendly and reasonable to American Tards, even those who don't posess a Eurotard standard driving licence, instead we make do with one issued by the State of Kah-lee-fon-yah or Florida :D


way overvalued real estate prices

no Taco Bell outlets


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More Essex bird jokes.

Q. What's the difference between a Walrus and an Essex Girl?
A. One is wet, has a moustache and smells of fish - the other is a walrus.

Q. Whats the difference between an Essex man & an Essex girl ?
A. The Essex girl has a higher sperm count !


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dolton, i have tons of health care insurance

when yuo're a master car keyer, tons of health care insurance is a MUST HAVE requirement :cool:

Car Key Boi

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another thing i love about the UK

Old English pubs

one of my favorites is the Holly Bush in Hampstead North London. Yesterday, myself and Nelissa (future Mrs Key Boi) had lunch there and it rocked. The food, the beer, the decor, the people, just awesome :)


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That's one pub to avoid parking outside!


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*In This Thread, i will post what i like and dislike about the UK*

you're just a good old fashioned dumb american licker of english you know whats aren't you ?


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I visited America for a month during the summer and generally agree with Car Key Boi's comments.

I was particularily impressed with a guy who offered me a lift from a store back to my hotel something which would rarely happen over here. Most staff were friendly, but then the tipping system probably provides an incentive, especially if you get confused with the bills!

However, high taxes on petrol (gas) and cigs are probably a good thing overall providing the revenue funds something useful, such as a free health service. The problem in the UK is that private healthcare can compromise public healthcare there are only so many quality medical personnel to go round. Private medical costs have escalated in the States partly due to the administrative costs of running insurance.

I also agree that the worst part of living in the UK at the moment are the over inflated house prices, especially if you wish to move up (or worse still get on) the housing ladder. I believe that treating your own dwelling as an investment is a con since most people gradually move to more expensive properties, and they will continue to live in a sole property for the rest of their lives. We would have a far better standard of living if property prices dropped in the long run.

Incidentally I like the British weather, you rarely get fried or frozen to the extent you do in a continental country (Hurricanes and earthquakes are very rare here as well). After travelling in the desert for weeks it was a relief to reach San Francisco which has a mild climate all year.


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We live in a market economy on a highly densely populated Island that is only 1/4 the size of California. The reason property prices are high is simply because demand is far greater than supply and that is it.

In terms of slating private medical care, well I just dont agree with you on that. Many of those who practice privately do so in their own time in addition to working for the NHS full time. If there was no private care then there would be no incentive for these people to spend much of their leisure time treating private patients which would put an even greater strain on the NHS. Or are you saying we should force these people to work longer hours for the NHS because that is just not fair.

So it can be argued that private medical care is alleviating pressure on the NHS and not the other way round and there are many cases now where the NHS is sending patients to private facilities because they cannot cope with the demand themselves.

Without private medical care you can be sure that taxes would be significantly higher and waiting lists considerably longer than they already are.



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I love our ability to queue - you only have to see little old ladies get crushed at bus stops in Germany to realise how sensible we are.

I hate the way common sense seems to have evaporated in this country.
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