In This Thread, i will post what i like and dislike about the UK



In the immortal words of Bernard Manning:

"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today -- 'cos if you like it you can do it again tomorrow!"


Car Key Boi

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mma said:
*In This Thread, i will post what i like and dislike about the UK*

you're just a good old fashioned dumb american licker of english you know whats aren't you ?

yuo know something? i post a lot of mindless trash, but don't mistake that as a sign that i lack intelligence. After looking at tons of market reports/charts/blah, this Lounge forum is a nice place to take a break, post some trivial crap, share a gag or two and so on

and FYI, i'm a NYC born - moved to Cali - now spends most of the year in West Indies, Florida and Great Britain - tard

so i'm a very friendly and outgoing type of guy, and although i'm a staunch republican (economic reasons more than anything) i'm actually a very liberal tolerant tard (just like Arnie)

but know this

underneath that laid back Cali/West Indian state of mind, beats the heart of a native New Yorker. NYC Tards are by nature, contentious, argumentative, intolerant and insensitive, especially when it comes to dishing out, and receiving, insults that would make a sailor blush

it takes a lot to bring the New Yorker out of me, but there have been occasions, usually when dipsh!ts try to take advantage of my friendly outgoing nature. DO NEVER TEST the Car Key Boi, because the Car Key Boi always makes the kill ;)

- Car Key Boi :cool:
I'm somewhere in the far east - to be revealed with my upcoming course .

it's all about choice , everywhere has it's pros and cons .

here , it's the value I get that I find so appealing.
well , you can say what you want .

I say , wait for the course then let the public decide , not you .


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Is this where I go "ner ner na ner ner" and stick my tongue out?

I'm sure you'll keep us all informed on progress.
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