In This Thread, i post my latest billion $ idea, yuo find fault with it

Car Key Boi

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the CKB Swisstech Bag (patent applied)

each year car makers and govt's around the world spend millions on research and development on safety devices like crash bars, abs brakes, traction control, air bags, pyrotechnic seat restrainers and so on and so forth. The objective is, of course, to reduce collisions and deaths blah on our freeways and roads

my idea is simple. In a collision, instead of having a bag of air blow up in yuor face, the CKB SwissTech Bag (patent applied) fires a giant Swisstech Utili-Key, straight into the chest of the driver killing him or her stone dead

i'm quite certain that if it became a mandatory requirement for all vehicles, the CKB Swisstech Bag (patent applied) will REDUCE road collisions AND DEATHS, by AT LEAST 80%

think i'm kidding? think again, i'm serious...

i think it's a killer idea, what do YUO think?

- Car Key Gonna Be A Billionaire Boi


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how about if CKB make a video of it being used - with CKB at the wheel, demonstrating..... :) .. maybe then I'll purchase it? ...;)

Car Key Boi

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uh, guys, the CKB Swisstech Bag is not intended for retail, i'm not giving yuo the option of buying one

i intend to pitch my idea to the state dept. , yuor Ministry For Transport and the German TUV etc. etc.

i want my Swisstech Bag to be MANDATORY, which is the situation with current air bags. They're not optional extras, every new car in the States, Asia, UK and Eurotard, must have an air bag BY LAW

i know that the health care and insurance companies would love my idea, not just for the reduce payout for a dead tard as opposed to one who's on a life support for the rest of his life

if my idea was implimented, road accidents IN GENERAL would fall by 80%. Most of the payouts by insurance Bois are for repairs to wreaked cars. We're talking billions and billions of $$$ every year

last year in the US, we had a debacle involving Ford Explorers and their exploding Bridgestone tires. Let me tell ya something, after Bridgestone made an announcement that there was a problem and that they were gonna issue a recall, there were a lot of tards still driving around even thou they knew their tires could explode if pushed hard. Those tards were THE safest drivers on the roads period. As soon as they'd come out of the tire shop with new safe tires, they went back to their *normal* asshole mode ie. kicking it along the freeway only a few feet behind the guy in front, lane changing without signalling, too fast on the exit ramp blah

now imagine if every driver tard was forced to drive around with a CKB Swisstech Bag (patent applied for) knowing that Collision=CERTAIN DEATH, yuo can bet yuor life they are gonna drive just like those Explorer Tards with the exploding tires

it's a fact that the more safety features we have in our rides, the more accidents we have because we feel invincible with our air bags, seat belt restraints and abs braking systems blah. Therefore we take more risks by driving faster, too close to the guy in front, braking at the last second, making calls on our cells, and so on and so forth

i'm telling ya, the CKB Swisstech Bag is a killer idea

- Car Key Boi :cool:


CKB You are so right. We've had a similar idea over here for some time i.e. where drivers are put in mortal danger to make them "safer". We call it "traffic calming".



Hi Car Key Boi

I do believe it would help if you chaps drove on the correct side of the road.



Car Key Boi

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hahaha spreadbet, i've driven in numerous countries all over the world. YUO, drive on the wrong side, not us Yankeetards :)


- Car Key Boi :cool:


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OI! I'll have you know I drive a left hooker. I drive on the right side, everybody else is on the wrong side as far as I'm concerned. :cheesy:


hahaha spreadbet, i've driven in numerous countries all over the world. YUO, drive on the wrong side, not us Yankeetards

Hi again Car Key Boi

This link will show you who is responsible for being on the wrong side of the road in America. Why it would seem he was even arrested for it. If it will aid you in your quest for safer roads I shall send you a copy of the British Highway Code.



Oh! by the way ' we will be back' lol
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