In This Thread, i post ANOTHER idea, that will make millions of bucks

Car Key Boi

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LCD screens on restroom stall doors

i'm not talking gas station restrooms here. I mean more like an airport restroom, where people actually want to relax and have a nice dump. It's a captive audience. Instead of a traditional newspaper, yuo watch the news on the screen. Yuo swipe yuor credit card and choose from CNN or FOX, $1.00 per use.

or for something a little more exotic...for $5.00 you get a 5 minute Jenna Jameson clip

how much more pleasurable would be taking a painful dump if yuo could watch Jenna Jameson going down on Brianna Banks at the same time?

whatcha think? it's another killer idea from the Car Key Boi, right?

- Car Key Boi :cool:
Yuo shuold go in for the Brain of Britain- an LCD on the loo door is a brilliant idea .
Yuo could watch yuor plane take off, safe in the knowledge that yuo now have all day to complete natures' urges. :cheesy:
Yuo swipe yuor credit card and choose from CNN or FOX, $1.00 per use.

lol wondering where the credit card might be swiped.

Car Key Boi your ideas are superb


How about using it as a trading screen?

It would bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "pump and dump".

just had another brill idea

a chain of licensed pizza restaurants showing porno movies under the brand name Pizza Porn Palace

pizza, porn and beer. Three favorites, all under one roof

whatcha think?

- Car Key Boi :cool: