In This Thread, i will post what i like and dislike about the UK

Car Key Boi

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Brits in general, especially the wimmin

the fact that yuo speak English (mainly)

the English accent

the Scottish accent (wimmin)

yuor newspapers and the fact that they are allowed to show tits (i wish ours could do that)

yuor roads which twist and turn and make driving interesting (not yuor freeways thou)

yuor banknotes which are different sizes and colors (very handy if yuo're sitting at a bar and half drunk. With American bills, when yuo're drunk, a $100 bill looks like any other denomination)

yuor soccer crowds and the way yuo're allowed to hurl abuse and bottles at each other :D

watching movies on BBC TV (no commercials every 5 secs)

Big Ben, Tower of London, Stonehenge and all that. This might sound corny, but a sense of awe overcomes me when I visit yuor momuments. It's like WHOAAH! THIS IS OLD! Back home, we don't really have that kind of ancient history

London taxi drivers (they actually know where yuo want to go, and how to get there, and they actually speak English as opposed to Retard)


the weather (it sux)

Scottish accent (bois only, sometimes i stuggle to understand a word of what they're saying, but i love the Scottish female accent, very sexy, and Welsh accent is kinda cute too)

gas priced at a butt reaming 7 bucks a gal

London Tube (dirty, overcrowded and inefficent)

the weather (it sux)

the freeways which seem to be constantly congested and make driving a pain in the butt

cigarettes priced at a butt reaming 7 bucks a pack

the overall standard of service in stores, restaurants, banks blah. It's not bad or rude or anything, just not up to the very high standard i'm used to back home. I guess i'm spoilt, although it's a million times better than the service yuo get in Caribbean countries and other developing countries like France :LOL:

London Heathrow Airport (it sux, see London Tube)

oh I almost forgot, the weather (it sux)
So if you give up smoking, travel and talking to Scottish men buy a decent coat, eat in McDonalds and fly from Gatwick, the UK would be a great place :)
Well, what about a Scouser accent then? That has to be the sexiest thing in the world and Essex girl's accents the worst.
Nothing nicer than a scouser... untill you piss them off and then its half bricks at dawn :LOL:
I'll take an Essex girl over a Scouse chick anyday.. (I may have to edit that when I look at it again ;)

King Halo
Free Republic of Essex
Essex girls, they are the ones .. how do you put the light out when you are copulating with Essex girl? Shut the car door.
Err that's what the scousers do when they watch Liverpool play... think about it. :cheesy:
Oh well Oatman try this one then. What does Essex girl do when she orgasms? Drop her bag of crisps.
What did Essex girl say when she was told she was pregnant?
"Hang on a minute, we need to be certain who the mother is first."
Essex is the land of the free and the spiritual home of the European Futures industry, I will not have my home county attacked in this manner.
* waves sovereign ring finger at guilty posters, slams gold door in diamond encrusted door frame, walks down to White Bentley with faux animal seat covers and drives back to mock-tudor mansion.
My mate had L and R on his wellies.
His wife had C&A on her knickers. :cheesy:

ya forgot da weather mate.... ;)

cool list tho ... (and i don't mean "cool" in the weather sense)

more likes and dislikes


UK drivers are far more courteous than in the States and especially the Caribbean

UK highway cops are extremely friendly and reasonable to American Tards, even those who don't posess a Eurotard standard driving licence, instead we make do with one issued by the State of Kah-lee-fon-yah or Florida :D


way overvalued real estate prices

no Taco Bell outlets
More Essex bird jokes.

Q. What's the difference between a Walrus and an Essex Girl?
A. One is wet, has a moustache and smells of fish - the other is a walrus.

Q. Whats the difference between an Essex man & an Essex girl ?
A. The Essex girl has a higher sperm count !