Arnie's gonna become gov. of worlds' 5th largest economy in spite of gay pics, dope

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smoking, harrassment rumors blah

and here's why. Gray Davis and his fellow lefty asswipes have brought California to it's knees. There are tons of state workers who are wondering if they're gonna receive a paycheck next month or if indeed they're gonna have a job at all.... something that is unthinkable for a state worker. It's always been the case that if yuo're an employee of the state of cali, that's a job for life. But not anymore, these are not normal times and the situation calls for some extraordinary measures...

at times, Arnie can sound and act like a moran (just like the CKB) but he's actually a remarkable man. He is so single-minded and possesses a self-belief that he can be successful at anything he turns his hand to, and to date, that awesome self-belief has been totally justified. If someone had told yuo 30 years ago that a boi from Austria barely able to speak English, and with zero acting ability and a nazi dad could end up marrying a Kennedy (the most powerful and famous Liberaltard family in US history), become a major movie star worth 10s of mils, and be on the verge of winning gov.of Cali, yuo probably would've replied YUO=MORAN and yet this is where we are...

hard brutal decisions need to be made to arrest the massive spending deficit. Cali needs a boi who is single-minded and determined to succeed whatever the odds. Arnie is that boi

oh, and as for Arnie's past re: gay pics, smoking dope blah


those are popular recreational activities to yuor average Cali Tard, and i don't confine that remark to the BUMS that hang outside Taco Bell

take yuor average 70 something Cali grandmother, lives in a respectable neighborhood. On weekends she does a little voluntary work for say the San Fran Wimmins Institute. Hey! guess what? back in the 60s that conservative looking grandmother was dropping acid at some hippie gig and participating in a gangbang with a bunch of out-of-state veiny drifter cocks. See that retired CEO lining up a putt on the 14th at the exclusive Round Hill country club? hey! guess what? back in the 60's HE was a veiny drifter cock dropping acid, smoking dope, banging chicks in the back of a greyhound on the way to Sacramento blah

my point is, yuor average Cali Tard, even the old folks, ain't gonna be shocked or taken aback coz Arnie smoked a little dope or was a little touchy-touchy with some of the wimmin that worked with him on movie sets blah. In spite of pronouncing it "Kah-lee-fon-yah" Arnie's a Cali Tard through and through

and he's gonna win....


- Car Key Boi
WOW! these harrassment accusations are breaking day by day

rumor has it the San Fran Examiner are gonna run a story tomorrow containing more groping allegations blah

but this time it ain't Arnie who's under fire, it's the Gov. Gray Davis!!

rumor has it tomorrows headline is gonna read

"Gray Davis groped me as he went through my wallet" claim millions of Cali wimmin

Golly gosh!

Who needs Alistair Cook's Letter from America when we have our very own CKB keeping us up-to-date with the very latest hot news from the other side of the pond. :cheesy:

But what we're all clambouring to know is ... have you 'personalised' either of Arnie's or Groper Gray's cars? And if not, why not? Are you becoming lapse, or has the wonderful Mrs CKB tamed you at last?
Ask youself this- did you never do anything wrong as a youngster? I remember doing all those "naughty" things..... It only becomes an issue if one decides to become, or is, a prominent figure. It seems digging the dirt is the only way to combat opposition. Perhaps the ultimate weapon in the Jealousy war? I wish Arnie all the success- California needs it. At least he won't be able to hide once elected.
Skimbleshanks said:
Are you becoming lapse, or has the wonderful Mrs CKB tamed you at last?

troof... she's been cracking the whip...

my solid gold custom-made Swisstech Utili-Key has been retired to the cherry-wood velvet lined box in my safe deposit box

- Car Key Boi
Gallup poll reported by FOX! - Arnie leads all in San Fran by SIX POINTS!!

REMINDER: San Fran is THE most liberal city in all of CA

does the word "backlash" mean anything to the Dems?

maybe the hippies will think twice next time before being on the same side as Goddamn Insane

i think next week is gonna be a very good week :D


"Happy days are here again!"
CKB I love your "ditties" :cheesy:
Skim, I confess I was a juvenile groper, a delinquent, a pyrotechnic maniac and spent more time being banned from driving than actually driving. In fact I was banned from driving before I was 16....... God has fogiven me though.( I hope)
ChartMan said:
CKB I love your "ditties" :cheesy:
Skim, I confess I was a juvenile groper, a delinquent, a pyrotechnic maniac and spent more time being banned from driving than actually driving. In fact I was banned from driving before I was 16....... God has fogiven me though.( I hope)


the Car Key Boi salutes YUO!
I would like to suggest that ChartMan's graphic description of his earlier exploits is just the stuff to get him elected in California.

ChartMan for Governor! :cheesy:

(and Carol would make a lovely Mrs Governor)
REMINDER: Democrats are the champions of Democracy. Except when they lose :D

Case in point: KAH-LEE-FON-YAH!!! with 61 PERCENT!!!


"Happy days are here again!"
All Hail Governor Gropinator !!.........i remember a British TV reporter ( Anne Richardson or something like that) complaining about his 'straying' hands abt a year or two ago so d allegations r probably true.
grubs50, for sure they're true. But like i said in my opening post, Cali wimmin weren't gonna be put off by that and that was reflected in the vote

An even more ridiculous suggestion by some political analysts was that Arnies early *gay pose* pics would also damage his campaign....

HELLO!!! IS ANYONE AT HOME??? this is Kah-lee-fon-yah we're talking about!!! if someone had distributed a bunch of pics showing Arnie sucking dick, he would have won by an even bigger landslide of 75% or more

check out this map of the recall
as yuo'll see, there is a polarity between the rural and urban counties. It was expected that the rural counties would see to it that Davis would be recalled, but i must confess, i can't believe so many San Fran tards voted yes to keeping him. 81 PERCENT!! WTF?? haven't they suffered enough???

i'm telling ya, yuor average San Fran tard really does have his head firmly up his ass. Another thing that should be noted about the red areas. 90% of Cali's college graduates aka student tards live in those counties...

tsk tsk..what are we to do with student tards?

- Car Key Boi :cool:
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