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Likewise........If he's not the "hotmail" one. ! - See he has now supplied his Tel Number Below !- Good on you David - Yes I will phone some time ... I'm sure like the majority of users on these boards you appreciate honesty and are keen to see false claims removed and that we can spend our time learning from each other and sharing knowlede - I shall be back in the UK shortly and will be contacting you then in a few weeks....
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Greetings all,

I am delighted to continue posting and learning in this forum, Zenda's and others unkind suspicions aside. Also, I am happy for you to have my telephone number, though you may have to endure me picking your brains about how to become a good trader! 07901-648-128 (UK mobile), 0208-841-0295 (UK home - no point ringing this number during working hours).

Anyway, enough of the previous exchange, I have made my point and you will make your judgements.

In the few months that have been contriving to lose all my money (making, I imagine all of the mistkes that newcomers make), I have been literally bombarded with offers and promos, each of which promise the definitive pearl of wisdom in respect of hot tips. It can be very disconcerting, and I have tried a couple. The one which seems to be most worthwhile is Q-Wave, which trades heavily on QQQ but does offer additional advice on forex and commodities (saw a the advice on the swiis frank recently which followed the predicted line quite closely).

Are any of these worth while or should I focus on the charts and trading strategy?


Interesting thread, especially as the 4.8 seminar review that's still on the board was written by a friend of 15 year's standing! I almost went on the course myself but declined as I'm concentrating more on US equities & options than spreadbetting at the moment. As 4 Shunt's reaction 2 the course, Zenda, it was just as complimentary 2 me as the review you cite. The reason being, he enjoyed it & hes not easily pleased usually. The irony is that the guy is one of the most cynical people I know which is Y he's still a better trader than me, the swine, yet on this board he's only been registered 5 mins. & he's met with complete suspicion.

Jeez guys, I'm all 4 cynicism, but let's not overegg the mixture.


Sandy Jadeja


I have attended the Finspreads training and the one day course run by Sandy Jadeja.

I went along with an open mind and liked what I saw in the free session.

The daily course expanded the trading methods from the initial session, which I found simple to learn. The full day course is followed up with a 1to1 tutorial by Sandy free of charge.

I have been very sceptical of courses in the past and the bottom line is that "the proof is in the pudding".

So I learned the method, came home and have applied it over the past couple of weeks. I'm making money.

In fact, I've had more success recently than I have had in the past . It works for me. I'm in touch with a couple of other course members who are also happy.


Because there making money!

I hope this helps. Good luck.
Sandy's Seminar

Just for the record, I'm the man who wrote the review of Sandy's seminar. This was deleted, and then reinstated after I contacted Paul Gould and assured him that nothing under hand was going on. It's very disheartening to see so much negativity and such a mean spirited attitude. I'm all for being skeptical, but
being cynical and assuming that someone's guilty until they can prove themselves innocent, isn't the way to go.
I've been in this game a long time and have attended many trading seminars, going back to the mid 90's.
I'm very happy to answer any queries about Sandy's course.
Surely, the whole purpose of these posts is to exchange ideas and help each other, not snipe at each other.


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WOW all these new people coming out of the woodwork all within a few hours - someones been hard at work!!


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I'm not a newbie or a super trader, did you try any of the ideas from the freebie, or just instantly slag it off?

I did, I gave this guy a chance to show me something for free, I tried it and yes it seemed to work, but it seemed too simple how could it work it, where are all the indicators

I'm still carrying out the theory and it's still working, how, I've got no idea, there are no indicators and I it's not in any of my books either, utter rubbish, obviously :!:

I've started to apply the theory to live trading via a few insy winsy positions on my SB account, I'll keep you posted.
I think one thing worth mentioning is that the method taught by
Sandy is different from traditional technical analysis, in that the rules are objective, grounded assessments. Conventional technical analysis (double bottoms, cup and handle etc) are much more open to interpretation.
As for complexity, some of the most successful traders use very simple systems. Systems that can literally be written on the back of an envelope. One case in point is Linda Bradford Raschke
(one of the New Market Wizards). Her book, "Street Smarts" consists of numerous systems. All of these systems have a small no. of simple rules. My personal favourite is her system called
"The Holy Grail" that consists of one indicator (ADX) and a 20
exponential moving average.


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Another DEFINITE seller of dreams here, 100% without a shadow of a doubt because of one fatal word he used........


As in a 'secret fib ratio'.

Folks when ever someone mentions the word 'secret' or another favourite 'little known' or the best one 'secrets of the professionals' then I can assure you that the stuff they're selling will likely not make you a penny over time.

Another one for the 'selling dreams' bin.

And if Finspreads are promoting him then a) they're complete imbeciles for thinking the guy is for real or b) they're two-bit for luring in new clients with the promises of easy money.

Hey, but who am I to complain, that's all the City is about these days - make the numbers and F%$%*&^& how you do it.


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Oh and another thing about taking a course today and making 'good money' with it the following few months.

Give me a break, who in their right mind would judge any trader or trading method on such a small data sample. If you want to impress me or anyone else, then come back in a few years time and let's see how things are shaping up.

John Cyprus

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in defense I asked Sandy about the "secret numbers" and he just laughed saying that someone on this bb had obviously made up their own quote.

It was interesting when he told the class how this particular thread got started because Pitball who was 1 out of 7 in the class was the only person who misrepresented what he heard. Apparenty he went short £5/point and the stock dropped 500 points the next day. Pitbull heard that he went short £500/point.

He said why is it that the same people in the same class heard £5 and pitbull heard £500 ? That it is this mis-information that sometimes moves markets.

Fair comment I would say.

I agree with Steve that the method is simple and it does work.


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Sandy related the same story to me when I attended hsi seminar January gone.

Although I dont use his methods, I regard him as one of the better course providers.
He is genuinely helpful, and has personally answered my emails when I was having difficulties.
As Crassula has also found, Sandy really wants you to succeed.

You can understand from his point of view, why he gets peed off when people try to rubbish him, when the majority experience is a positive one.


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Has anyone since been on Sandy's course? If so, I'd be very interested in hearing from them.



sandy's seminar

Trader_Dave said:
Has anyone since been on Sandy's course? If so, I'd be very interested in hearing from them.


I went on his seminar today and so did other 12 people. My first impression was that this guy is gifted. He has ability to capture your attention and make you listen to what he is saying. I have been on many other seminars but never got so magnetised. Yes, :cool: his formula is very simple but does make sense. I'll try it out for few days to form any firm judgement
Yes, i too went to a seminar of Sandy's a few years ago - pre "recession", paid around £100 maybe for a few hours.

The only thing I got from it was the application of fibonacci to technical trading.

Fibonacci is far from a secret... it's taught on every maths course, or any course that involves maths; from foundation degree level anyway, and is all over the Internet, i.e. Fibonacci Sequence

Once home and applying theory to practice, I found Sandy's application of Fib to charting analysis VERY woolly and time consuming. It seemed to more a case of finding the "ideal" chart pattern to fit Fibonacci than vice-versa :rolleyes: (sarcastically), and certainly one would need to be able handle HUGE downsides. Since then I have found two far more reliable, and readable technical systems.

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