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How come, all of a sudden, we have had

3 similar posts in terms of Length, (maz, David Brooke and John Cyprus)

3 posts with virtually the same message, (maz, David Brooke and John Cyprus)

3 different people who all joined at virtually the same time, (maz, David Brooke and John Cyprus)

The same 3 people making only around 2 posts in total each one of which was singing the praises of SJ (maz, David Brooke and John Cyprus)

Very similar use of language (maz, David Brooke and John Cyprus)

The coincidence is astounding, that is if it really is a concidence



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3 Brilliant reports on this Character - been through most of the responses to other Teachers such as Naz & Mr Charts - Nothing compared to these 3 outstanding and wonderfully beneficial reports to Mr S J - Perhaps these 3 could let us have their telephone numbers or email addresses (not hotmail please!) so readers can check their authenticity - if this is not forthcoming then these 3 wonderful posts should be removed by the administrator as Blatant advertising (with a touch of deceit) and if this is proved to be a plot by a certain Mr SJ - then this BB knows exactly what to do in response !


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Yes, they do sound quite similar, but actually there is only one Hotmail email address, and the other two are traceable to companies.

Felix, you're slipping ... you've not noticed that all three have also filled out their date of birth in their profiles. :D

They're probably genuine, although all three fail to give any clue as to what type of trading is taught on the course - no mention of time frames, entries and exits or even duration of trades, bars or candlesticks, indicators - absolutely nothing - which is very unusual.

I'd love all three to post again in three months time to see how they're all getting on.


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well whether they r genuine or not, & I know on which side of that I would put my money, the Author(s) of the post's hasn't really done the subject many favours.

Think this is what u call "laying on with a trowel". it has obviously started to backfire because of the response it is getting.

guess we will find out when the replies come in



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They have Vanished!!!

The 3 highly provocative posts have been removed and replaced by - You guessed it A new member has just done a Seminar Review on Mr SJ - How Convenient - Again an obvious setup - How about removing that one too hes scored a 4.8 is that the same as NAZ !! :devilish: :devilish: :devilish: :devilish: :devilish: :devilish: :devilish:

And Skimbleshanks thought they might be genuine - Nearly fell off me chair and broke my other arm!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Well now...

Sorry to disappoint the sceptics and conspiracy theorists, but I can tell you that I dont know who else posted, I am certainly not either one of them and to be frank the sneering and innuendo is slightly disappointing.

For the record, I was told about Pitbulls original post by a friend who knew I had been on Sandy's course, and was minded to try and present my own viewpoint. Objectively, impartially, as a novice. I generally speak as I find, I did so in this case and I make no apology for being positive. Trust me I would have been equally honest (and probably scathing) if I thought badly of the workshop but I thought well of it and said so. If this opinion does not suit you then that is unfortunate.

I also joined because I am new to trading and, I took the view that I could learn from people who have been trading for longer than me. On this basis I will do a deal with any of the smirking minority that are interested... hopefully I can learn from you a little about trading, and you can learn from me a little about good manners.

David Brook


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Hi David,

We pulled all the posts because we were more sure than not that there was something underhand going on. To be fair to you, it was maz and John Cyprus that really raised our suspicions (there appeared to be strong evidence that they were one and the same) , and it would appear you may have just got caught up in it all. As a precaution we decided to pull the three posts, as they were all posted at more or less the same time by people who all registered at more or less the same time. But clearly you're keen to state your case and therefore I'm happy to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Here's David's post about the course...

Hey guys, greetings from a new boy.

I noticed a comment or two about Sandy Jadeja and was interested to hear what others thought. I went on his seminar yesterday and came away very impressed; I also came out with the view that I could make trading work for me, which I had begun to doubt...

My problem has been coming to terms with the complexities of trading, and with the inevitable losses to be sustained while doing so. Sandy's advice in terms of risk and money management were honestly a revelation. His overall approach was clearly explained and made a complex subject plainly accessible.

I will apply what Sandy showed us in a disciplined way and according to a strategy which I wrote while at the workshop (first time I could actually see what a trading strategy might look like, and for me, a strategy which works and which I can stick to would be worth the course price on its own!).

Flaws in the workshop? Dont know, maybe some will become evident later, but for now I can't see any.

My view? money very well spent and I would do it again. Would I recommend his workshop? yes - definitely.

Regards to all, I will be looking in here a lot!


p.s. Sandy didnt actually go into astrology except to note that some take it seriously (including Tom Hougaard to my knowledge). I am no expert but if one takes as a starting point the view that Astrology affects our individual and group behaviour then I can well see how it may also affect the markets. I am not gullible but I am happy to accept the principle subject to proof of concept.


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accept my apologies if u r genuine. most in this board r not conspiracy theorists & please do not be glad of the fact that if u r new & here to learn that the members police their own boards.

it all did come across as strange....out of the blue, & I am sure if u continue to post here & share your experience of the course u will allay people's doubts.



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Likewise........If he's not the "hotmail" one. ! - See he has now supplied his Tel Number Below !- Good on you David - Yes I will phone some time ... I'm sure like the majority of users on these boards you appreciate honesty and are keen to see false claims removed and that we can spend our time learning from each other and sharing knowlede - I shall be back in the UK shortly and will be contacting you then in a few weeks....
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Greetings all,

I am delighted to continue posting and learning in this forum, Zenda's and others unkind suspicions aside. Also, I am happy for you to have my telephone number, though you may have to endure me picking your brains about how to become a good trader! 07901-648-128 (UK mobile), 0208-841-0295 (UK home - no point ringing this number during working hours).

Anyway, enough of the previous exchange, I have made my point and you will make your judgements.

In the few months that have been contriving to lose all my money (making, I imagine all of the mistkes that newcomers make), I have been literally bombarded with offers and promos, each of which promise the definitive pearl of wisdom in respect of hot tips. It can be very disconcerting, and I have tried a couple. The one which seems to be most worthwhile is Q-Wave, which trades heavily on QQQ but does offer additional advice on forex and commodities (saw a the advice on the swiis frank recently which followed the predicted line quite closely).

Are any of these worth while or should I focus on the charts and trading strategy?




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Interesting thread, especially as the 4.8 seminar review that's still on the board was written by a friend of 15 year's standing! I almost went on the course myself but declined as I'm concentrating more on US equities & options than spreadbetting at the moment. As 4 Shunt's reaction 2 the course, Zenda, it was just as complimentary 2 me as the review you cite. The reason being, he enjoyed it & hes not easily pleased usually. The irony is that the guy is one of the most cynical people I know which is Y he's still a better trader than me, the swine, yet on this board he's only been registered 5 mins. & he's met with complete suspicion.

Jeez guys, I'm all 4 cynicism, but let's not overegg the mixture.


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Sandy Jadeja


I have attended the Finspreads training and the one day course run by Sandy Jadeja.

I went along with an open mind and liked what I saw in the free session.

The daily course expanded the trading methods from the initial session, which I found simple to learn. The full day course is followed up with a 1to1 tutorial by Sandy free of charge.

I have been very sceptical of courses in the past and the bottom line is that "the proof is in the pudding".

So I learned the method, came home and have applied it over the past couple of weeks. I'm making money.

In fact, I've had more success recently than I have had in the past . It works for me. I'm in touch with a couple of other course members who are also happy.


Because there making money!

I hope this helps. Good luck.


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Sandy's Seminar

Just for the record, I'm the man who wrote the review of Sandy's seminar. This was deleted, and then reinstated after I contacted Paul Gould and assured him that nothing under hand was going on. It's very disheartening to see so much negativity and such a mean spirited attitude. I'm all for being skeptical, but
being cynical and assuming that someone's guilty until they can prove themselves innocent, isn't the way to go.
I've been in this game a long time and have attended many trading seminars, going back to the mid 90's.
I'm very happy to answer any queries about Sandy's course.
Surely, the whole purpose of these posts is to exchange ideas and help each other, not snipe at each other.
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