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The problem with forums is that one can use it for a personal vendetta, so not suggesting that this is what u doing. You say that you have been to many courses, so why keep going to yet another seminar???

I agree that these post may give impression that I have a personal vendetta..
Please be assured that this is not the case.

I do keep attending various courses, and may also attend a few more in future, as I am interested in furthering my knowledge.
So far, from the courses I had attended, as long as I had followed the "Rules" that the instructors had taught, I did not make much losses. This was not the case here.

Also, so far, in nearly ALL the courses that I had attended, they were willing to give a proper receipt for the courses fees paid, and also, the ensured that eitehr themselves or their team would be available to help us, at least for the subsequent few weeks, after we had attended their courses.
This was PROMISED in Sandy's course but he was totally unreachable and claimed that he was too busy.

From ALL the other courses that I had attended, I had managed to learn SOMETHING useful.

I agree that trading is easy. But that is NOT reason to stop learning new ways to trade, or new rules.

Personal Vendetta against Sandy ? NO! I don't have any reason to have any.

But well directed irritation and unhappiness that he had made a lot of promises that he had not kept ? Yes !

In fact, if he were to be resident in Singapore, there is a HIGH chance that the Financial Regulatory Bodies here would probably issue him a warning and prevent him from making such tall claims !
This has happened before to other instructors here, and the details, including the warnings are available on the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) site.

If someone had shared their recent experiences regarding him online, I would not have gone to his Paid Workshop !

Instead of waiting for "someone else" to post about it, I had decided that I would post and let everyone know !


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I am really sorry about your experience. I personally tested a couple Sandy's techniques (I don't know his techniques he taught in paid workshop in Singapore) on spreadsheet over 2 years data and results are net profit - minimum 1000 -2000 pips per year. This is in contrary to your experience.

What can you buy with a spreadsheet? Trade it with real money and you'll find out the true picture. Never give money to any of these spivs.


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Confucius teaches us that....

It's easier to skin live muppets than it is live lions, and even dead ones

Don't you go upsetting the muppet farming business now.

Here, muppet, muppet , muppet .... I've got a little course to VEND !

The end, but not of the VEND !

Lets roll......



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Kin -ell

It's easier to skin live muppets than it is live lions, and even dead ones

Don't you go upsetting the muppet farming business now.

Here, muppet, muppet , muppet .... I've got a little course to VEND !

The end, but not of the VEND !

Lets roll......


'Kin loads of muppets on this site lately. Judging by the standard of literacy displayed by many UK flagged posters on this site, I can only assume they are non Uk spammers hoping to fish for muppets. Maybe some are flagged as UK by mistake! But some will be the lazy looking for easy street :confused:


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Are you guys all have something against Sandy Jadeja here? if you guys do trade should know that even the best trading strategies offered to the wrong traders will result in losses - its to do with personal psychology rather than strategies themselves!

If Sandy and his likes could trade they'd be doing it instead of running round the place selling dreams to the dim witted.


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Are you guys all have something against Sandy Jadeja here? if you guys do trade should know that even the best trading strategies offered to the wrong traders will result in losses - its to do with personal psychology rather than strategies themselves!

What do you want to buy ?

I'm not a Vendor, but in the spirit of it, I could (hypothetically speaking) find you the stuff you want to know, for the right price.

And don't get me wrong, the more muppets, the better, isn't it ? Ideally we want panicked traders, confused, unsure of what they are doing, not aware of their behaviour when trading so they can make more mistakes and lose as much money as possible.

That is the perfect trader to take the other side of the trade, n'est-ce pas ?

I mean, it's all good ! Natures selection process in action. And isn't that a nice little challenge for everyone .

Let's roll.....



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To be honest 90% of so caled Trading mentors DO NOT make money from trading!
They are LOSERS, else they would not be running around selling their systems!
90% of them dont have ba*/'la to stand up and trade LIVE.

This is an OPEN CHALLENGE to Mr Jadeja and all the So called Gurus to TRADE LIVE with real money
But NONE would do this.

I asked Mr Jadeja for a mentorship and I was quoted a fee of £6500 for 12 months
I agreed, and said that can you provide me with :
> signals
> Your REAL account statements

He said he cannot, due to "tax" reasons!

Trading is only 5% strategy and 95% pschology


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The following system works 80% of time!!!!
It is simple - you dont need Jadeja and pay thousands to all these crooks
1. 30 Min chart
2. Break of trendline
3. wait for 61.8% fib retracement
4. Pull the trigger when the prices starts to retrace, with a 20 pip stop and 100 pip target with 10 pip trailing stop

My results in a Demo account - 500% gain in 3 months
My Results in a Real money account +6% over 3 months

In demo I had no fear
in real I had Fear


If only i could get someone to code this into an EA, then would be so easy, it takes psychology out


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Sandy Jadeja's OWN Private Tweets don't work

I am really sorry about your experience. I personally tested a couple Sandy's techniques (I don't know his techniques he taught in paid workshop in Singapore) on spreadsheet over 2 years data and results are net profit - minimum 1000 -2000 pips per year. This is in contrary to your experience.

I am not the only one who had attended his paid workshops.
Singapore is a small place and most of us know each other.

Consequently, it did not take us long to find out that his methods do NOT work.

We had all tried LIVE trading, that too by DIRECTLY following his suggestions via his Private Tweets ( which he sends to his Paid Students).
Following his EXACT levels and Entries/Exits via his tweets itself did not help !

What OTHER proof is required, that his methods themselves do not work, as we had followed his DIRECT suggestions ?


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Even Sandy Jadeja advice caused losses

Are you guys all have something against Sandy Jadeja here? if you guys do trade should know that even the best trading strategies offered to the wrong traders will result in losses - its to do with personal psychology rather than strategies themselves!

@Pinksofa, as stated in my post just now, we had followed the actual tips from his Private Tweets, where he suggests where to buy and where to sell.
Using those EXACT points also does not help... They make HUGE losses.

Certainly, there is not very much personal psychology involved in copying his trades, right ?

Also, the small group of us who'd attended his paid sessions, met again a few times outside and tried out his strategies, after discussing it among ourselves, and also after clarifying the doubts in his online seminars, which he offers now and then to paid students.

ALL of the strategies/advices resulted in HUGE losses again.

We have absolutely nothing against Sandy !


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Not all, I can prove this, if you are in London do welcome to Mr Bu Chedid's free seminar - portfolio manager of Bluecrest Capital - largest hedge fund in Europe, he made his way to his position by MAKING TONS OF MONEY - register you seat below:

He might be in Singapore next January:

This thread is about Sandy Jadeja, especially about what he taught in Singapore, both in the Free Seminars as well as the Paid Workshops.

Outlining especially the facts that he makes outlandish claims, teaches methods that don't work, gives signals that rarely work out right, and last but not the least, the fact that he accepts only cash without even issuing receipts.

Kindly do please open another thread if you want to talk about other instructors/traders.
Of course, I agree that not necessarily ALL instructors/traders are bad.
There are some VERY GOOD traders/instructors and I had been to their classes and improved my trading skills a LOT.
But I have discussed all this elsewhere.

It is good if Mr Bu does come to Singapore. But Singapore has a LOT of rules, and unless they somehow escape the eyes of the Law in Singapore ( like Sandy probably did, when he was taking fees without issuing receipts), Singapore Law does not allow traders to mislead the Public just like that !

Dr P Joseph

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Confirmation regarding Sandy Jadeja (Singapore Course)

Dear Friends,

I was wondering whether Mr Sandy would be conducting the workshop in Singapore on 30 Nov and 1 dec 2013, as he had promised earlier on this year, during his free seminars, and during a quick internet search, I chanced upon this thread. Then I decided to add my own experiences with Sandy, for the benefit of all traders who maybe thinking of attending his Paid Workshops.

Just a quick introduction.
I am a Senior Medical Doctor (Consultant Physician) and a Professor who teaches medical graduates and post-graduate doctors.
Generally I work most of the time in Singapore but I also travel to the US and the UK as we have branches of my hospital in those places.

I had started trading around 10 years ago, which I did mostly at nights when after getting back from work.
I had also attended a lot of Trading Workshops in these last 10 years, most of them from notable trainers, both in the US and UK, and sometimes in Singapore.

The reason I am writing this is, because, in his seminars in Singapore, I see a lot of elderly RETIREES, who sometimes put their entire or most of their life savings into trades, hearing his words and believing that they can really make a lot of money. I cannot say that they are greedy either. They just want to get an income, as they are now retired. They also do not belong to our generation and hence are quite innocent in the sense that they believe whatever they hear.

The Singapore government had introduced a CKA (Client Knowledge Assessment), which is basically a test to ensure that those who trade know what exactly they are getting into, to protect the interests of its people, and this test has to be taken freshly EVERY YEAR by the same traders.
Therefore it makes me feel bad to see them fooled by people like Sandy who do not tell the real facts to the people, especially the grim hard facts about trading, though the govt and others try their best to protect the people, especially the elderly investors who are not very savvy.

I am using my real name, as I have nothing to hide. All are my real experiences with Sandy.
Anyone who wants to verify can PM me or post on this thread and I will try to get back to them asap.

But I will entertain only genuine candidates who are not afraid to give their real names and contacts, since I am also giving my real details, after all.
I had attended Sandy's Free Seminars, along with my colleagues and my friends, both in Oct 2013 and also around May 2013 and Dec 2012.

ALL the points made by the poster Techlord are true.

I had wanted to join his Paid Workshop in June 2013.
First he kept on saying that his classes were full, and then, the night before his workshop, he rang me up and said that I could join his workshop , but that I would have to pay the FULL amount in CASH and that there would be no receipt.
I declined at that time since I was not able to schedule my hospital duties at such a short notice.

As a PERSON, I am sorry to say that I am extremely disappointed with Mr Sandy Jadeja.
He never gives any importance to the other person's time. He broke not one but THREE appointments with me, at a short notice of less than ten minutes, every time. That too after I had travelled ONE HOUR and was nearly at his place !
He just would say that CNBC called him and go off ! This was in Singapore in Oct 2013. I have all the text messages with me which I can show as proof.
At that time, my secretary called up the CNBC office to confirm and we found out that he was BLUFFING ! CNBC never called him ! They also said that they wouldn't call him in Singapore to go to their office at such short notice !
I had got the doubt, since he was in Singapore in Oct 2013, why the CNBC would call him to their office at 10 minutes' notice ( I can understand that this can maybe happen in the UK since it is his base) !
I found out that Sandy uses the CNBC as a shield, and uses the reason that CNBC called him, very loosely, just to boost his own importance, when in fact , when our checking up with the CNBC folks showed otherwise !

CNBC guys, maybe you want to talk to him, as even during the Singapore Free Seminars, he keeps using using language, that makes him look as if he is an indispensible part of the CNBC. That may or may not be true but certainly, I feel that he should focus more on HIMSELF and HIS skills rather than hide behind CNBC ! This may also portray CNBC in an unfavourable light...

More of the confirmatory facts that I want to share, from Techlord's initial post:

He did email me and ask that he wants the Workshop Fees as CASH .Later he told on phone that credit cards or paypal can't be accepted and that there would be no receipts issued.
I have the email .
He NEVER answers calls, though he claims otherwise in the Free Seminars.

When I finally got through to him on his mobile after 3 days, in Oct 2013, then this was what he CLEARLY said :

- Even ONE phone call OR ONE email per MONTH is too much for him and that he would NOT answer them, even we if took his PAID workshop.

- That even DURING the Paid Workshop, he does NOT like if anyone asks questions. This surprised me, as I had read in the forums that he encourages questions in his workshop. Was shocked that he would charge $3800 just for people to sit quietly in his classes and go !

- Most importantly, he CLEARLY said that one would NOT be able to make the huge amounts of money, that he promised during his seminars, unless they were willing to sit for 24 hours in front of their computers! When I asked him whether in that case, he had LIED during the free seminars, he had nothing to say.

- He also asked if I had material from the OTHER WORKSHOPS from OTHER TRAINERS that I had attended earlier, and that he would want to read it, if I could bring it to his office.

- He also clearly said that he doesn't like to teach engineers or doctors since they think and ask questions. He specifically said that in his earlier paid workshop, an engineer was asking lots of questions and that he did not like it!
He just wants people who come, pay the money, nod their heads and go, never to be heard of again.

In Singapore, most of the phone call records are kept by the service providers. Also, since we had spoken on my Corporate Phone, for Quality Control purposes, my Corporate Hosp records all the calls. Thus, probably all the above mentioned items would be available, in case Law Enforcement requires them, and if he challenges my statements !

In his free seminars, I can attest to the fact that he DID indeed announce that he would be able to predict the movements of the Euro based on the pattern of solar flare activity, and that he would sell the information for $1295. Am not very sure, but I believe that the Law Enforcement would not like such claims to be made in Singapore, and that it could be labelled as possible CHEATING of people.
Those who actually tried (at least 10 of my friends) reported no big accuracy from it, and that it led to losses for them. I had not tried it personally so I can't comment further.

All in all, I rarely see people make such tall claims that they can teach people to make huge amounts of money with trading, in Singapore, and GET AWAY WITH IT!
Especially when he wants all the fees in CASH ! And doesn't issue receipts !

Meanwhile, I hope that the people would make an informed decision, after reading this thread.


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interesting comments here about Sandy and many thanks for the openess and honesty from members on this thread .......

I dont know the guy but have seen him at Certain Expos.....

the thing we do try here to impress on everyone at T2W is that people must walk their own path in learning how to trade and not to be fooled by the many many people selling systems and promises and dreams .......

the only Trading Holy grail is inside each of us as individuals will be found by diligent practice , research , learning and years of experience gained in honing ones own skills and view of the markets......

sure you may need help over those years from mentors and programmers and other traders .....but this need not be too expensive ...and if it is you will be more aware by then of what you seek for the money spent .and get Value for money

good wishes to all on their trading journeys ......and a hint ......the journey never ends .....



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As a new member I came to look for information to help me become a better trader here and instead found lots of negative remarks about people, courses, trading etc.

I am a student who had attended sandy jadeja's course in Singapore and my viewpoint is the opposite for what has been said here.

Firstly it is common practise in singapore to complain. And as a local Singaporean I am sad to say that we all find any reason to complain about anything and this goes for my friends as well as myself at times.

The fact is when I signed up for the course he did accept credit card payments as there we clearly a credit card facility there. Some people asked if they could pay cash or cheque and the staff said they could but they preferred card payments. (So this is completely the opposite of what has been posted).

Also Receipts were issued. On the day of the workshop there were 2 members of staff who were handing out receipts once you signed in. So again it is untrue that receipts were not given. I asked the person who paid cash if he received a receipt and he said he did - on the day of the workshop. When I asked sandy jadeja in person about cash payments at a recent event he held he told me that credit card payments are preferred and if it is last minute then it would be cheque or cash as they use a provided for card payments hence the reason for this as they do not have a credit card terminal on the day of the course but only when he is promoting a workshop.

As for cnbc, he has never claimed he works for them except that he is occasionally a guest on the show. In his seminars he clearly shows that he has shown specific types of analysis on there as any trader would.

I have contacted him several times via email and he does respond and I agree it is not on the same day but he has answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. And he was tweeting when he worked for a broker which he clearly stated that he does not tweet anymore but does provide alerts on when the market has changed trend. I have received this but as the market has been bullish I am waiting to receive the bearish alert.

Yes I have lost a few trades and won a few trades but I have made the cost of my course back as I held onto my long positions on the dow jones which worked out according to the rules he has taught. 3 other class members i keep in touch with also said positive things about him and said that it was clear on the workshop that losses do occur and he never stated that you would make millions. His course teaches how to have tight stop losses and so there are students who have not stuck with the method. I personally use the longer term swings and this suits me and my lifestyle. I do not use the intraday methods as I do not have the time.

I do know some of the other classes taught in singapore make outrageous claims but sandy's course is not one of them and as a trainer he is very approachable and helpful.

And I can state that there are trainers here in singapore who send their own staff to other trainers courses to get the course material and then copy this and at the same time sabotage the trainer. This is a fact and very common here.

To summarize my personal experience and of my friends has been positive and one should make their own decisions as to why they want to learn with a trainer and more importantly take responsibility for their own actions.

Putting other people down is very nasty and finding faults is easy. As a trader I hope to learn more here and from others who are likeminded traders. My personal aim is to learn and improve as I get older and I am prepared for mistakes and losses and I will attend other classes. Having done 4 other courses so far, the sandy jadeja free classes and paid has been the one that has worked and suited me so far. I would also say that there are good books out there but I prefer to have a tutor rather than a book to learn from.

Hope we can all do better in supporting each other to win as the game is tough already.




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So ...the guy (does or doesnt) gives receipts and you win or lose a bit ...

sounds well worth the money ......

see my other post ....walk your own path and stop paying people money to make the decisions for you

good luck

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