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Hi All,

Can anyone recommend any decent technical analysis courses based in the UK, preferably around London.

I have some excellent feedback regarding a chap called Chris Manning but he no longer teaches in the UK.

Darren Winters seminars get a lot of attention.. has anyone been on any of his paid workshops and what is the opinion on them?

Also, I've found who seem to do a 3 day workshop with the final day being a live trading session.


Hi Awllee

Welcome to T2W :)

May I ask what current knowledge you have, and what your looking for (including which markets to trade), as there are a whole host of courses out there and it's best to tailor it to what you want to learn.
Hi FTSE Beater
Thanks for replying so quickly..
Well, I'd say I'm pretty new to Technical Analysis.. just been reading da books and visiting seminars. I'd say I'm borderline beginner/intermediate.
I've beening the typical buy and hold investor for around 3 years now but over the last 6 months been getting a lot more exposure into the markets...
I am looking to use CFDs and spreadbetting.. I basically want to be proficient with TA so that I can spot entry and exit levels and understand the indicators. I know the basics.. ie. Moving Averages, continuation patterns, reversal.... this is all theory.. I just need that bit more so I guess I'm looking for an intermediate going on to advanced course in TA

Thanks again :)
Hi awllee,

As neil kindly pointed out, I run a basic TA Course, the next one (last one before summer) is on saturday 28 June, details are here:

and comments from some of the people on the last course are here:

The course goes through the basics with the object that you should be able to form your entry and exit points from the chart/price action, there are still some places available so if it takes your fancy, please feel free to contact me - [email protected]

On books - JJ Murphy is the broad brush 'Bible' although there are others about, certainly Murphy is considered the main text by City Uni, New York Institute of Finance and the STA (Society of Technical Analysts).

Also on books - great for theory, but the main comments that I get from the courses is that they bring the theory to life.

If you want to get inot very specific areas of trading, Naz runs a reputably, excellent Level 2 Nasdaq trading course (see front page of T2W)