Favourite TA Indicators

Salty Gibbon

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I thought it might be interesting to learn what TA indicators other members like the best or find the most effective in their trading.

Do all members even bother to use indicators in their trading ?

Personally I favour the MACD Histogram which I use as an aid in justifying or confirming my thoughts as regards price action.

I do not rely on it totally but use it purely to complement my own interpretation of price charts and in this way I find it pretty effective.


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ADX DMI has kept me out of trouble recently on the DOW. I use this as a filter on pivots I have for the day.


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It has to be the "Ichimokukinkouhyou" as it is the hardest to pronounce and spell yet makes charts look very colourful. It is a product of a no doubt mental case.


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TBS has it sussed. He left out a vital ingredient though - a bit more price!

You could add a dash of volume though if you prefer it a bit more spicy.

After that you got to think of the cuisine: eastern (candles) or western (bars). I prefer bars.

The key to any dish though is to source good ingredients. Thats why I will admit to using volatility indicators sometimes. ATR to ensure my ingredients are fresh and tasty, and Bollinger Bands occasionally to check the origin


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Salty Gibbon
The best indicator is a straight line (imho)

I love straight lines on charts
And on TA Indicators

Even more I love to see price or
signal lines break through those straight lines
Ahh yes
Give me a chart and a straight edge.
What about this macd histogram?
Why is it your favoured indicator?
How do you apply it, what have you learned of its behavour?
What is its single most important attribute?

Good Trading

Dow Dog

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I prefer the left hand indicator as opposed to the right.

I just enjoy going round left-handed corners.


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It depends on what and how im trading, short term stuff I often use Stochastics, RSI and MA's :)
Oh yeah! and I use price as well :)


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Like any good BMW driver I prefer not to use indicators as it might give other participants a clue as to my intentions.


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Better not to use them at all than to use them incorrectly :eek: :arrowl: :arrowr:
I'm a better mind reader than they are a driver :LOL:


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i used to think price was the only food for me, as all indicators are based on how prices change over time.

how do indicators cope with the fact that time is not a constant value?
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