Favourite TA Indicators

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use Tick value, say 1000 ticks, thereby introducing a constant ?

You allow computer analysis to do the fluid transition from different time frames in order to point valid trend moves and ignore the noise. I call this variable time scales and make numerous examples (with charts) here: http://www.trade-ideas.com/DOSA/

This link and its content on the page stays away from any selling - it merely explains how our alerts server looks at the market activity to seek valid moves that often confuse traders who are simply watching charts. It's our 'Jerry Maguire treatise' or white paper.
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We've figured out how to mechanize any trading strategy a trader can model in Trade-Ideas. Without any hyperbole I encourage those interested to view the simulation we've created that shows how real and accessible automated trading based on event-based backtested results of custom-configured strategies really is. All using any number of TA indicators. (http://www.trade-ideas.com/Help.html)

In this example the automation we demonstrate comes from our partnership with optionsXpress: http://www.trade-ideas.com/VideoHel...omated Trading: optionsXpress Robot: Overview
Thanks, I came up with it in response to the widespread myths which dominate most people who are chasing trading systems. In the 7 years I've been working on (and using) the mvpsignalsystem, I have pretty much heard every meme and myth infecting internet investing thught.

I get amazing emails saying things like: your system is doing great but I noticied you missed 25 cents on that last trade. Comments like this prove they don't understand it can NOT be done perfectly and in fact, pursuit of trading perfection can cost them years and many dollars, as they chase an unattainable myth.
I like a combination of candlestick, exponential moving average, macd and stochastic.
I thought it might be interesting to learn what TA indicators other members like the best or find the most effective in their trading.

Do all members even bother to use indicators in their trading ?

Personally I favour the MACD Histogram which I use as an aid in justifying or confirming my thoughts as regards price action.

I do not rely on it totally but use it purely to complement my own interpretation of price charts and in this way I find it pretty effective.

Price , Volume and the occasional EMA to help define a trend.

However, I only use the EMA as its an easier substitute to include in my system rather than trying to code the definition of a trend using only price.... Fewer programming steps required ;)
My Favourite Indicators: DOUBLE BOLLINGER BANDS !...

1. Bollinger Bands 21 Periode with Standard Deviation 2 . (Without The Middle SMA 21)
2. Bollinger Bands 21 Periode With Standard Deviation 1 . (Without The Middle SMA 21)

In Timeframe Daily

I like this indicator because we can capture Price when they in Trending Moves & event in Sideways Move so we can Trade in any Situation Market (Trade in Trending & Sideways Market).

See the screenshoot:


When The Market in Trending they just in Deviation 2 & 1 (if Bullish in Upper area if Bearish in Lower Area). But When Market in Sideways, Price ussually bounce from Upper to Lower or from lower to upper Bollinger Bands Deviation 2. In This Situation (Sideways) the Deviation 1 is our entry level.

with all due respect do you really need these lines to show you a trending market from a consolidating one ?
I'm sure you can see the same with the naked eye ?
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Thanks my friend, Yes; i agree we can saw that Price movement without the Bollinger Bands from Trending to Consolidating; but with all due respect sirs, if we add Bollinger Bands at a charts we can see more clearer where the probability High & Low the price itself. So the Bollinger Bands can give us a Bounderies area where the price will be at those time (especialy in consolidating area). When They Trending they Told Us in a Bullish Area (Upper line BB Dev. 2 & 1) in an uptrend or in a Bearish Area (Lower line Betwen Lower Line BB Dev.2 & 1) in a Downtrend Market.

But IMHO what ever the indicators or no used any indicators, that depends by the Traders personality (him or herself). Nothing can stop them want to use indicators or not use the indicators; because as long as we can comfortabel & make $$$... Just go on.

Please, No Dispute & Offense. PEACE ...(y)