TA Indicators

dbphoenix said:
Why have you chosen P&F? And I assume the "patterns" you refer to are P&F patterns?

I find P&F removes the noise and more clearly defines the current direction. My live feed, esignal, has many long shadows/tails & because of that I personally find standard bar or candles distracting on a short time frame, whereas P&F tends to make the move clearer. It takes some fine tuning to come up with a correct box size & reversal, but overall I happy with it, even if I have sacrificed the "time" component. And yes, patterns - S/R as per P&F.

But as I'm still not consistently profitable, I'm very open to suggestions :)
Beachie - what are you trading and what time frame? sounds like its very thin. Try a different market or a longer time period.