Which indicators?

Which indicators do you use?

  • Price Only

    Votes: 40 18.8%
  • CCI

    Votes: 46 21.6%
  • RSI

    Votes: 81 38.0%
  • Volume / OBV

    Votes: 39 18.3%
  • Level II

    Votes: 17 8.0%
  • Stochastic

    Votes: 69 32.4%
  • Average True Range

    Votes: 8 3.8%
  • Bollinger Bands

    Votes: 42 19.7%
  • Fibonacci

    Votes: 42 19.7%
  • MACD

    Votes: 76 35.7%
  • Momentum

    Votes: 18 8.5%
  • Rate of Change

    Votes: 7 3.3%
  • Moving Averages

    Votes: 113 53.1%
  • Pivot Points

    Votes: 37 17.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 35 16.4%

  • Total voters

FTSE Beater

Experienced member
Hi all

Following on from the recent posts regarding indicators. I was wondering what indicators people are using to trade :?:
(this is presuming you trade using TA)

Thank you in advance for your votes :)


Experienced member
Some people have ticked Price Only and then also ticked other boxes.
Not quite what was intended ?


Veteren member
I ticked other because I also dabble with elliott


Well-known member

These Bugatti Stop Tail indicators are pretty cool ...



  • st3.jpg
    5.7 KB · Views: 398


Veteren member
I ticked the "other" box, because it is obvious. And it is so obvious that if none of you
understand it you should not be trading because it is so blatant.


Active member

I share the sentiment, if one traded in opposite direction to mine, they would be in serious money by now. I am tempted to post my trades so others may do the opposite, at least somebody can than make money of these smart market makers

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