Indicators which rely on Price & Volume Action


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Hi All,

Firstly, I'm not too sure whether this is the best bb to post my question but as it relates to UK stocks I thought I'd post it anyway.

As part of my strategy for trading UK Stocks, I currently rely on TA to choose suitable entry and exit points. I also pay very close attention to Price AND Volume (VSA) to help me to decide where a SP may go short-term.

I don't use many indicators (as I find most of them too complicated for their own good & basically a waste of time) but however I do rely on a limited number of modified SMA's to help choose my entry / exit points together with Price & Volume (as mentioned above).

However, more recently I have discovered the "Accumulation / Distribution" line, which is apparently derived from both price action AND the associated volume and which seems to offer a good indication as to whether a trend will continue.
Initially, I like this indicator as it seems to visually & instantly identify the same thing as I would normally do (ie. by monitoring daily price & volume action).

Consequently, does anybody else use this indicator and if so, what tips or advice can anyone offer with regard to this indicator for the purpose of trading shares?

Also, for those who use TA to trade in this manner, can anyone recommend any other indicators (which rely on Price AND Volume) which have proved effective.

Thanks in Advance,