eSignal 7.4 & & 7.5


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eSignal 7.4Feature List

Lots of great new features coming as part of 7.4 in July. We are focusing on more data and more functionality our users are asking for. Check this list out ....


Expanded Fundamental Data -- A complete offering of fundamentals across all trading instruments.

New Asian/Pacific Rim Data -- Real-time and delayed data from Australia, New Zealand, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong, plus history.

Expanded European/African Data -- Real-time and delayed data from the Italian Derivatives, Athens and Johannesburg exchanges.

World Indices -- 50 market indices from around the world.

$PREM and $EPREM -- Updates in real-time.


These enhancements will address the needs of our futures traders:

Market Profile in Advanced Charts -- Previously only available in standard charts, Market Profile is now supported in the Advanced Charts.

Futures Spreads Calculations -- Plot spreads in various chart-types, including candlestick and open-high-low-close.

Point and Figure -- Now available on tick charts.

Contract highs and lows -- 52 week high and low on futures contracts.

Fast Market Indicator.


Customize Your Trading Ticket (a.k.a. Generic Broker) -- Customize your trading ticket and attach it to any eSignal window to execute trades the way you like.

Enhanced Paper Trading -- now supports new order entry features available through Generic Broker.


Saving Pages -- Manage your windows in eSignal by using layouts or pages. Now you have the ability to save pages, and not just layouts, so you can easily flip from page to page, a favorite of Advanced GET users.

New Line Tools -- Draw line tools on tick charts.

Multiple Symbol Linking - Link sets of windows to one another selectively so you can quickly change from symbol to symbol in multiple windows at the same time.

Interval Linking -- Link charts together so that you can apply one time interval to multiple charts at the same time.

Tick Playback -- Playback data on a chart, tick by tick, to look for short term patterns or opportunities

Keyboard Customization -- Use pre-defined keys to help you quickly access frequently used features and functionality.

Enhanced Pop-Out Windows -- Always-on-top feature now available on pop-out windows.

New Time & Sales Window -- Improved filters and the ability to color code values for easy interpretation.


ActiveX Tool Set -- Develop your own application using quotes and tick and history data in any language, quickly and easily. Also includes the ability to send data to a trading platform and receive trading status back into eSignal.

Bulletin Message - Alert users to special events including WebEx sessions and Chats.




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eSignal 7.5 Feature List.

We have multiple teams working on eSignal at the same time so we are able to work on multiple features and get releases out quicker. eSignal 7.5 will follow 7.4 fairly fast in August with these features being already nearly complete:


CME Market Depth -- Market depth available on all CME GLOBEX electronic trading issues, includes the top 5 Bids/Asks.

CBOT Market Depth -- A complete view of buy and sell orders that are pending on the CBOT's electronic trading system.

NYSE Liquidity Data (NYLQ) -- NYSE LiquidityQuote is an enhancement to NYSE OpenBook. While NYSE OpenBook shows the depth of the limit-order book at all price points, the LiquidityQuote provides trading access to that depth and includes additional interest in the crowd and by the Specialist.

Extended Intraday Data (yes, its coming!).


New & Enhanced Integrated Brokers -- Trade seamlessly through eSignal to select direct access or web based brokers. More integrated brokers coming!!


News Manager Enhancements.

Scanner Integration - Fully integrate the eSignal Market Scanners into eSignal to allow the scanning results to be seamlessly integrated into the Quote window.


Office Caching Server - helps offices with multiple users manage bandwidth.

More News Services via ComStock -- eSignal will now receive news via the ComStock feed, including International news feeds.


Visit us @


eSignal 7.4 & 7.5

Hi Chuck,

Just read all the enhancements.
I am going to print the list out and keep it, the day that I can read it and understand every item I will know that I have made trader status. (Just kidding, well almost)

Great software


David (Beginner)


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Hi Chuck,

You’ve sure got lots stuff and lots of features here. On looking through I realised that confused market depth with market breadth, but then I couldn’t find anything on the market breadth indicators that you support when I looked for them – for example, Advance/Decline, Breadth Trust, TRIN and McClellan, etc.

Do you support these indicators and if so can you provide me a link to them and hopefully to somewhere that explains how they are calculated within eSignal?




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eSignal 7.5

We are getting close to posting the first beta version of eSignal 7.5. Along with lots of fixes, at the moment it looks like the following will be the major features:

Data Enhancements:

•Extended Intraday Data -- 4 months of intraday data and growing.

•Options History -- Daily history on options to include the O/H/L/C

•Delayed Options Data -- 15 minute delayed options available as Mix & Match service

Market Depth:

•CME Market Depth -- Market depth available on all CME GLOBEX electronic trading issues.

•CBOT Market Depth -- A complete view of buy and sell orders that are pending on the CBOT's electronic trading system

•DOM -- Vertical Display of Depth Of Market

•FOREX in the Market Depth Window - acts like the book for Forex with multiple banks and brokerages prices displayed.


• AFX News (AFX Europe, AFX Asia, AFX UK) -- international news

Software Enhancements - Advanced Charting:

•Improved Axis Management -- Better scaling of price axes

•Symbol Overlays and Study Overlays -- The ability to properly display multiple symbols and multiple studies in one window

•Andrew's Pitchfork -- Andrew's Pitchfork indicator now available for free (previously available with the Advanced GET Studies only)

Other Software Enhancements:

•Greeks on Futures -- Display of the Greek calculations in a futures options montage chain

•Scanner Integration -- Fully integrate the eSignal Market Scanners into eSignal to allow the scanning results to be seamlessly integrated into the Quote window

•eSignal Office Server (EOS) -- A cost effective way of managing bandwidth for all eSignal users within an office.


FTSE Beater

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Hi Chuck

Great news about the update.

May I ask why it costs extra for "regions." I was looking to add the Eurex datafeed but a warning came up saying I needed to add a region for $25 :confused:

FTSE Beater,

We began charging the region fee last year when we first launched European Equity Markets. The fee does not apply to anyone subscribing to services within their region ( European, Asia/Pacific or North America ) and is only applicable when subscribing to an exchange in another region. For instance, if you live in the UK, there should be no region fee for subscribing to any European exchange.

The cost to deliver markets from around the world is very expensive. Simply charging the applicable exchange fee(s) does not offset our ongoing network and telcom expenses. The region fee is only applicable if you are requesting data from another part of the world, hence directly benefiting from our global expansion.

As we add more and more customers across the globe and can spread out some of the high telcom costs, you may see us alter our pricing. Until then, this charge helps us justify delivering data from all of these markets.


.........................The cost to deliver markets from around the world is very expensive

It appears that esignal are fairly unique in this aspect charging for getting data from another region being more expensive I can hardly believe with the internet technology nowdays. It is also not done by many other data providers and seems more like an excuse for increasing costs to the end user.

After all if it was that bad everyone would be doing it and they simply dont.



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Well, not to worry, the region fee is going away. This had not been announced but was in process. You'll shortly see us remove that region fee. As part of now going more global and adding the Asian markets we had recently decided to eliminate it.



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How about giving consideration to reducing your ferociously expensive charges?


Newtron Bomb

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I think the prices are biased toward the us user considerably and especially delayed prices... i have my live feeds through esignal but i have kept my mytrack and sc for the delayed feeds as i can view anything delayed in this fasion.... currencies are also considerably expensive

There will have to be some serious price changes for it to be a complete one stop shop for my money


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What about doing away with the ridiculous API charging structure as well? After all, why include a funky API and then charge a fortune to use it - surely that's going to kill any third party development dead? Or are eSignal worried that if they did that, someone would use it to create a proper market scanner and therefore nobody would feel the need to pay the extortionate price for the rather weak eSignal one?

BTW, I do like the eSignal s/w, I think it's great. Full of bugs, and the support sucks, but it's still the pick of the bunch for me :)



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And while we're talking about high charges, a review of your rediculously expensive fee for realtime forex (which is way out of kilter with the rest of the market) would be especially welcome.



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Chuck_T & JayF_esignal
I am on the point of subscribing but dont want pay the regional fee for Eurex etc as I live in UK
How long do I haver to wait for it to go away - nothing on the site about this

You shouldn't be hit with the region fee for subscribing to Eurex if you live in the UK. If for some reason our registration doesn't pick up on that, then please call into our UK sales department (011 44 20 7825 8770), and they will set it up correctly for you.


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Candlestick scans in eSignal?

Hi Chuck / Jay,
I am looking for advice on how to scan or build scans for some of the obvious recognisable candle stick patterns such as morning/evening stars, bull/bear engulfing patterns etc in eSignal
I am a user but can't find the service in eSignal. Am I missing something? MetaStock seems to offer a Steve Nison endorsed program.

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