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eSignal MarketCenter 3 available ...

A new version of MarketCenter is now available supporting over 17 real time streaming European exchanges. This easy to use, ultra light Java application with charts is now global, having US and European stocks, Forex, and Futures (with eminis) exchanges. Check out the free 1st month and low price for the London Stock exchange.

Check it out here:

Now supports .....

Boerse Stuttgart

Bolsa de Valores de Lisboa e Porto (Lisbon and Oporto Exchange)

Budapest Stock Exchange

Copenhagen Stock Exchange

Deutsche Boerse: Spot Market Germany (Frankfurt/Xetra/Neuer Market) (includes regional exchanges)

Euronext (Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris)

Helsinki Stock Exchange

Iceland Stock Exchange

Irish Stock Exchange

Italian (Milan) Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange

Madrid Stock Exchange

Oslo Stock Exchange

Stockholm Stock Exchange

Swiss Stock Exchange

Warsaw Stock Exchange

Wiener Boerse (Vienna Stock Exchange)

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Looking very attractive now. But are the ongoing European data feed issues resolved? Even at £10 a month if the data isn't reliable it's a waste of money.

Hi Helen,

The Eurex feed is just being upgraded this week. That was the one we were having the most trouble with.

All the European feeds will switch ticker plant sources in the coming months. Plus we'll be adding Asia / Pacific exchanges to this next month. So it is an on-going process of improvement.

OK, thanks for that. Might be worth the free trial again in a week or so :)

Will your service offer Level 2 access on the London Stock Ex and real time tick line charts ?

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In the new eSignal 7.4 version - still in Beta - it supports lines on tick charts - a new feature. MC doesn't support tick charts.

We will be adding European Level 2 data this year along with European news sources. Also adding level 2 or market depth on the CME & CBT in 7.5.

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e signal

I tried to register and seems there was some problem and i was requested to send the e mail which did not work as well. Help.
Hi Osho67,

I'm not aware of any registration or email problems at this time. When trying to email us, did you get some sort of error message? It's probably best that you call us directly so we can help you further. Please refer to our Contact Us page for phone #'s, office hours, etc.

I have now registered for market centre and i would like ti see streaming prices and charts fot FTSE100. I cant find the symbol. Quick help please. Thanks
One more quick item. Our support staff is progessing towards monitoring eSignal Central 24 hours a day to provide support to customers in all time zones. We have a MarketCenter forum for questions and/our usage tips.

Dear Scott J

Thanks for your reply. Are you saying that I cannot get FTSE100 index live prices. Not the futures prices as you have indicated. Also I am getting charts for dow jones and other us stocks but when I entered symbols for Barclays and RBS I get the live prices but I cannot get the charts. Thanks and sorry to bother you.
Dear Scott J

I am now getting charts hor uk equities.

One more question please. Can I download dow prices minite by minute into a spreadsheet. I need these prices for some backtesting I am doing. Thanks

Is realtime DAX index available on MarketCenter? If so what exchange fee package covers it?

Also does the charting package chart FTSE and DOW?

Thanks in advance.
Dax is covered by the Eurex/DTB feed. But IF you are trading Dax futures then MC isn't for you, you need a better package. MC is great for position trading/monitoring in real time, it's not IMHO good enough for futures trading.

Helen - how so?

I have been using MC with Interactive Brokers and T-Sim to trade Dax and Bund using Woodies CCI and find it ok.

I am thinking of dropping Mytrack and using Market Centre.

If I have a gripe I wish the CCI would show a zero line.

And maybe ability to draw trend lines.

I really don't think the charts are good enough for scalping, the lack of extending trendlines, multiple charts etc is a problem if you take longer term futures trades then they are probably fine. But you know the CCI set up I use for futures and it won't do that :)
Price clarification please.
I see UK indices & stocks is £9 for prices and charts.(Fantastic value but read Helens post) However looking at the E-signal site cant figure out the price for the data I want. Which is;
Real time prices + charts for: FTSE 100 + stocks. DAX indices. CAC indices. Swiss Indices. STOXX Indices.