Embracing the Change


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Very proud of my sister Cassandra & husband Thomy. Also extremely happy to be a cool & crazy uncle Ashton for my nieces & nephew. All I can really do is try my best to improve & manage my illness to the best of my ability. Maybe one day I'll be healthy enough to start a family of my own. I love life & enjoy Embracing positive changes into my world. Life is such a gift & I'm extremely grateful to be alive & share it with friends, family & Trade 2 Win.

Everyone have a nice night.

Let's all believe in positive changes & embrace them into our lives. We are all so fortunate to be here on earth let's be thankful for everything good in our lives.

Thanks again for your interest & support.

With a little help & guidance I should be able to make a full recovery.

You are all much appreciated.

Love Uncle Ashton

Attila the trader

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Hey guys.

Just wanted to let everyone know I am well. I was hospitalized for close to a month but am feeling much better now. I'm definitely thankful to be healthy & happy to be able to just touch base & post an update. I'm in the process of applying to a rehabilitation center to help me recover & rebuild my life. I'm hopeful it will work out for me there. I'm not giving up or quitting on myself or my family. I have a lot to live for & potential to contribute much more to this world.

Just wanted to thank anyone or everyone here who has an interest in me or my Thread. I'm far from perfect but have some really great intentions. I truly mean well & am committed to Improving for myself & my family.

I was able to visit with my sister Cassandra & her beautiful family last Saturday. I'll post up some pictures in case anyone is still interested in me or my thread.

Love you guys

Thanks for reading.

Take Good Care.
good to know that your doing better now, take care man


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Sorry you feel that way. Just do your best man. Try to improve one day at a time. Things will only get better for us.


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Good Song to lift our spirits...

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