CMC Account Problems


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After being down all weekend D4F is back up.....

and surprise, surprise they have still got all my postions f**ked up!!!

Am I the only one?????

organising events in breweries springs to mind..... :devilish:
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Deal4free? Dupe4free it should be......I have had some "phantom trades" placed against my account and money disappear.....been intouch with them and they say that as far as they are concerned, the problem is at my end!!! Basically i have had trades placed against my account at between 2 and 3 in the morning when i am sound asleep with the up shot that they have contributed to around £400 going missing from my account...have written to their compliance department with a long complaint and will see what the out come is...if i am not happy with them will be forced to complain to the FSA. even checked my balance this evening and it has changed since friday. Plus they are showing me with an open position when i went flat on friday.....looks like its time to jump ship i think...does anyone have any good experiences with any of the other Spreadbetting companies that they would like to recomend????

Any Newbies be aware.......Dont might cost you dearly!!!!!!!!!!


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They are having problems but so far my statements have all been correct. Having looked at the alternatives, there are none that offer a 5pt spread rolling bet on the Dow and a 3pt spread rolling bet on the FTSE. So using any of the alternatives will cost a lot more money. It is a shame that Deal4free has no competition when it comes to spread size.


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the new 'capital spreads ' is looking slightly competative, not compared all the instruments, but 3 point spread on daily dax & 4 on future is better than D4F.

something to keep an eye on I think



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Even more alarmingly i think that they are playing with my total equity. I made a point of noting down my current positions, the price of the instruments im trading and my account balance. In that time my overall positions have not changed although they appear to have lowered my equity by about 10 pounds...
Very worrying indeed...


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All seems to have gone tits up again at D4F. IT was put right end of last week but today they have technical problems again. Money has gone from the account but the client report is showing correct.

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