Problems Closing an IB Account


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Has anyone else had problems closing an IB account?

I have been trying to close mine for about six weeks and am still trying!

We appear to be going round in circles. Firstly, IB confirm the withdrawal to close account. They then email me to say they have amended my wire intructions and will I confirm their alterations - which I do as per their instructions.

I then get an email to say it is going through, within minutes I get another email to say they cant process the request because: Credit Manager Rejected - Margin: Available Balance is 0.0. Incoming funds are held for ten days before you can withdraw the funds.

The above has happened about five times now.

There is over £15,000 in the account, confirmed by looking at my current statement, and they have had this since August, so I don't understand the 0.0 balance or the 10 day statement.

I have sent three emails Friday and today with no reply.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

Just transfer all your money out and leave a zero balance.

After a certain time period they will then automatically close your account.

I would leave maybe £1 in your account as someone else was having problems trying to withdraw all of it. You could always call them using the number below:

001 312 542-6901

Why don't you actually 'speak' to someone in the funding/banking department in the chat facility?

From the website, go to Help, Contact IB, the Funds&Banking Chat. Just follow the instructions and you will be chatting in real time with someone in the department.
Thank you everyone for the replies and suggestions.

I will let you know how I get on, it may be of assistance to someone else in the future.

Better to ring them on 00800 42276537 (it's free!)

(and yes that is 00800, it's an international freephone number)

Thank you for the number which I will certainly use if the latest attempt fails.

Took the advise given by Paul and cancelled closing the account and instead requested a withdrawal leaving a £1 in the account.

Received an email this afternoon to say request being actioned.

So far no further email to countermand the first one.

This appears to be good news as the second email has always followed the first within minutes.


As far as i remember, if there is no balance, then they will automatically close within 45 days-

But as the rest have said- contact direct and talk to someone..........

Thanks to everyone that replied with suggestions as to how to solve my problem.

I am please to report that the money has now arrived!

I took the route, as suggested, of not closing the account but making a withdrawal and leaving a £1 balance.

Again, thanks for the assistance.

What a bunch of twerps! The're making money on your account in the overnight market thats why! IB? Inept Broker?

AGB - If you're lucky, all your multiple requests will be actioned and you'll end 50k up before they notice!