Closing an I.B. account


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This post is for Trader 333 and Skimbleshanks,

I have been trying to close my account with I.B. since August

because, 1.
I was not confident using their Tradestation.

I had to fund my account to the tune of £25000
to be able to " daytrade"

The first problem I had was transferring a dollar deficit into
my base currency, I managed to achieve this eventually and
my wire transfer was authorised, since then I have received
another Email which seems to indicate that I owe them £0.01
and therefore they can't transfer the funds.
They don't explain what I should do next, if I could send
the Email to you in private would you be kind enough to tell
me what they would like me to do.

Kind regards Eddy. wo
If you are dealing with the UK office I would put 1p coin in the post to them, together with a note to explain!

Yes, by all means send it to me by PM. :D
Hi Eddy,

Sorry to hear of your problems, I am also happy to see the email if you think it will help.


Hi Eddy, Have you found an account that you do not need the $25000 in order to day trade ?
Hi Schoe, Sorry for the delay, I have decided to trade CFDs
with Deal4Free, I think I.B is for the experienced trader.

Happy trading, Eddy.