CMC Account Problems


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Have now managed to logon.

Guess what? Balance still NIL.

It has now been like this for 5+ hours.

Application to FXCM will be in the post shortly.



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my account is still about 70 quid lower than it should be aswell. cant seems to get an answer out of them as to when it will be fixed...!! %^$#heads


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After reading the posts above I think I will open a mini account with FXCM UK, and pay tax on any gains.

:eek: :cry:


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My account has got the correct balcnce, if i go over to the web-based platform, but is still wrong when going through MM5. Good thinking Neil. When i've got my 'financial situation' sorted, i.e have saved up some dollar, i wann leave steal4free aswell. Would have to rob a bank to trade with IB though, as in the 25K to daytrade stocks and the minis....


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Keano, you don't need $25k to trade e-mini's with IB. $2,000 would be enough, but at least $5,000 per contract is more realistic really.


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Just thought I would have a look at CMC before I went to bed, last checked at 9pm when I still had a nil balance.

My money is back!!!!

It has only taken about 12 hours.

Has certainly given me some cause for concern, at the moment I am only trading £1 per pip, my intention is to eventually increase to £10.

In view of what has happened today, as I said before, I think I will be looking at FXCM etc. rather than CMC



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Ditto AGB!!!

After 14 hours they are finally showing a Cash Balance!!!

But after phone calls and numerous emails , no sign of even a hint of an explanation or apology!!!

If Barclays Bank had wiped out all its customers credit balances on their current accounts for the day, we wouldnt have heard the end of it!!

I, for one, will be casting my vote by moving my money elsewhere!


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CMC Problems

Likewise with my account, except I appear to have a rogue trade that I didn't place (£3 pp Long on DOW). I don't know what to do since this has happened before where I have tried to close the position yet opened a new one in the opposite direction.

Most of today my account has been showing a deficit of about £500. In addition, they had placed automatic liquidation stops on the account which I could not cancel.

The helpdesk might as well not even exist too. When I finally managed to get through, the person I spoke to sounded totally uninterested ans simply said they were aware of a problem.

Not happy.


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I had huge shock when I came home from work to find a margin call & 3K gone thought I had done something terrible only to find out it was D4F. Reassured me it was OK and told me to look at Client reports not client positions and this gave me my true reading even though my account said Nil.


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well I will defo not be placing any trades until they get their act together. Farcical!


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think a lot of people will be thinking the same

have been trying to contact them today, cannot get them on the phone & every time I contact them via 'chat' it just keeps saying 'dealer has left con' though they r just ignoring me

they answered my first contact but failed to answer my specific question & have ignored me ever since...........very unprofessional



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I have just received the following email from CMC:

"I apologise greatly for the inconvenience. We were experiencing some technical problems. Your funds should still be there."

I suppose it is something, shame it has taken them 2 days to reply to my original email.


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AGB said:
"Your funds should still be there."

LOL - nothing definite then. It would certainly have been more reassuring for you to be told your funds will still be there, rather than should! :cheesy:


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just a query
what is the difference between web based system and market maker's system with deal4free and which one is better?

thanks in adv.


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Web based trading platforms operate within a standard web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

Some companies offer their own software that do not require a web browser. D4F offer both options.

As to whether one is better than the other is a matter of opinion. The application based software tends to have more functionality than the pure web based platforms.

Personally, I prefer the installed application over the web based alternative. It is just handy to use the web based system when you want to check your account etc from a machine that does not have the MM software installed.

In the case of D4F, both are Java based.

Hope this helps.

(BTW I wouldn't rely on either at the moment. They (CMC) have had a number of problems of late - refer to previous threads! - although when I spoke to them last night they assured me that 'their problems are behind them'!)
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