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    Are you proud to be a British citizen?

    If you live overseas and meet these prats you will be embarrassed. :( I'm still proud to be English though. :cheesy:
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    Satellite data feeds?

    The price depends on which markets you want to receive and market fees as well. It's impossible to give an estimate. Tell them what you require and they'll price your package. I used Tenfore a few years back without any problems.
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    Satellite data feeds?

    It's a data feed not a broker. You pay a subscription for the markets that you need to follow. :confused:
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    easy money

    Can you keep your finger off the button the rest of the time though? :cheesy:
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    My PC is continually uploading data RegSeeker :cheesy:
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    My PC is continually uploading data

    What antivirus and anti spyware scans have you run? What protection are you running?
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    Lap Top Continuously Restarting (need help)

    Well at least everyone knows how to replace corrupted boot files now. :cheesy:
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    Lap Top Continuously Restarting (need help)

    To replace boot files, boot to XP CD, press R, type "chkdsk /p" (note the space),type "fixboot", Enter "Y" Enter "exit" :D
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    Internet Explorer 7 error message

    Can't read that. Try a Google. Could re-download.
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    anyone knows KEVIN KERR ?

    Never heard of him.
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    Trading Indian Nifty Futures

    I wouldn't put any $$$ up with an Indian company. :?:
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    Used it a few years ago but too much was slipping through and it was unable to clean a lot of them. Don't know how it performs these days.
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    Personally, I wouldn't touch AOL. I've heard too many bad things about it. If they're running in the background they're not using much. Most of the antispyware doesn't scan full time like an AV prog.
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    I'm using RegSeeker. If you want to check progs out, go to PcPitstop.
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    This is the point of multiple layers. There's no need to pay for anything. I've got 5 protecting various areas plus antivirus and firewall, then 3 scanners. 2 cleaners and and a reg cleaner. Ain't much room to get through that lot. ;)