Brett Steenbarger explains how progressing from thinking in “patterns” to that of thinking in “principles” helps improve the psychological aspect of trading.


Darren Kimoto explains “Inverse Exchange Traded Funds” and how they can be used in a portfolio when markets are in decline.


Simon Massey explains how he trades false breakouts in the Forex markets.

Trading Systems

Shobhit Seth gives a thorough background to “Algorithmic Trading” including how to begin using it.

Day Trading & Scalping

Alan Farley talks about indicators that may be of use for scalping.


Rick Wright offers a way to use a smaller currency pair to determine the potential move in a larger currency pair.


Rande Howell offers valuable advice on “Mastering the Mind” for greater trading success.


Jack Maverick explains differing versions of the “Efficient Market Hypothesis” theory and whether this means it is not possible for traders to outperform the market.


Russ Allen offers a way to visualize the concepts of extrinsic and intrinsic value as well as strike price when trading options.

EquitiesTrading Systems

Ben McClure discusses whether following “company insider trades” can be a profitable trading strategy.