Would you like your own @t2w.com email address?

Would you like your own @t2w.com email address?

  • Make it FREE, Web Access Only, 5mb storage & Paid by Advertising

    Votes: 23 26.4%
  • Small Fee, Web Access Only, 10mb storage and No Advertising

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Small/Medium Fee, Web & Outlook Access, 10mb storage and No Adveritising

    Votes: 3 3.4%
  • Medium Fee, Web & Outlook Access, 15mb storage, Virus & Spam Filtering and No Adveritising

    Votes: 1 1.1%
  • No thanks, not interested.

    Votes: 60 69.0%

  • Total voters


We'd like to offer our members the opportunity to have their very own t2w.com email address.

As well as voting in our poll, please also post your feedback in this thread.



Veteren member
don't know about others but I have e-mail addresses coming out
of my ears.
all ISP's insist on it and refuse to acknowledge any other address.
I use any of three at the moment but over the years I have had at least eight.
Heaven knows if there is any mail for me there because I never go back to look.
On top of that I still havent tamed Outlook Express to send mail
from different addresses when not logged into the same ISP.


Experienced member
I agree with Bonsai,
if you ask nicely you can have [email protected]?
I expect Helen could do you [email protected]... email addy's are fast becoming almost as much a pain as username/password access for everything you do online. Nice thought, but to me it's like offering people extra letterboxes - I already have one in my door, what would I need another for?


Thanks for all your feedback. I appreciate it doesn't appeal to everyone... Still, 25% of people showed an interest so I'm going to proceed on the basis of a free account payed for by advertising.

One consideration I did have, was whether to let members choose any name for their email address, or force them to use their username - if the latter, then spaces and illegal characters we'd probably just convert to underscores. Let me know what you think?


Hi bonsai,

Not to worry - I'm keeping it separate from the trade2win.co.uk site - and any advertising (just standard banner ads) will be restricted to this separate site.

We're a pop-up/down/sideways free zone :)
I suggest keeping their T2W nicks, as it might just be simpler.


Experienced member
... and well done on the popup ban - some financial sites trigger my popup killer so often it sounds like deranged popcorn going off. (That'll take some imagination to figure out what 'deranged popcorn' sounds like... <g>)


Established member
oops - voted for the web based free one (1st on list), but actually prefer it to be web based, and available on outlook, and of coure FREE ! :)
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