Why Arm holdings?


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Great stock that Arm is.It seems to be the only major semi that Uk players talk about.I've been doing my daily scans on the US and i thought to myself "i look at loads of decent semi's every day how boring if i only had one major one to trade in the UK".

So because i know that loads of you out there are going to have a New years resolution and kick the UK habit and join us trading the US,long and short, here are two us semi's that move.Both have great liquidity and can be traded over days ,weeks and months for decent returns.If you like t/a they both respond very well.

The first one is Nvidia (NVDA) dyor,you'll like what you hear. Up from $23 to $66 in the last eleven weeks.

The other one is Genisis (GNSS) once again dyor.If you like t/a you would have loved the double bottom at $8 in April.The breakout in March,the pullback to previous reresistance in September and the higher lows its continued to do since.So the winner is Genisis up from $8 in April to $70 at the moment.Thats 875% in 9 months,or 97% every month on average.

Now thats what i call a semi thats worth talking about and trading in every time frame.Daily,Weekly and Monthly.Of course its traded where else.................on the Nasdaq.

I second that. The US is full of choice. NVDA is but one. Ebay is a good play, and I don't use level 2.

Look at trading CFD's or look at American Brokers like IB or datek.
If you stick to the UK market you will have the double whammy of restricted choice and rip off broker fees (including spread bet companies)

merry christmas

Hi Neil,

Whenever i make excuses in my mind not to take a trade thats normaly the best place to take it.When i think i'm the king of the world and can walk on water,thats the time to get out.

When i decided to trade the US and realised how much effort i was going to put into it,i didn't feel that comfortable.i had my doubts.far better i thought to feel comfortable in my little trading zone in the UK.Even if secretly i knew i was being ripped off all the time on slow moving stocks. When i initialy flew to the US and they showed me how they traded the Nasdaq i couldn't believe it.No wonder the UK won't allow fair competition and allow these guys to advertise overhere.

Its a shame that many UK traders think that the Nasdaq is all daytraders and scalping when infact it's a market for everyone and every different style.The internet has opened it up for everyone in the world to trade it.I hope that some will take a peep and see what their missing.

Hi Naz
Your comments seem to sum it all up.

The "Powers that be" over here will not let go of their inflated spreads and monopolistic practices until they notice a steady stream of UK traders migrating via the net to trade US instruments.

Once you've traded US instruments you do not want to go back. It's simple logic - you have a very large country, more than one stock exchange, people are more inclined to take investment management into their own hands, or savvy enough to watch the fund managers do it for them.

One day the Uk institutions will have to cut spreads etc or see business migrate via the net to the US.

Power to the people.