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As Arm holdings are traded on the Naz they will consequently be effected by the Philli semiconductor index(sox),the Nasdaq futures,100 and comp.

Its interesting to note that the sox has hit its lower trend line and some of the larger semi's like AMAT,XLNX,ALTR are all at 2 month support levels.

If we overlay the sox over Arm holdings(code ARMHY on the Naz)we can see that Arm is extremely strong against the index.It goes without saying that if the sox tries to bounce off this support level next week Arm could act quite well.

For those with Nazdaq level 2 screens(the only way to trade the Naz) the major player (the Ax) is UBS Warburg(UBSW) who transacted 14% of the stock last month and 26% in June.See if he's a buyer if we bounce.

Anyone without level 2 can look at the charts of XLNX,AMAT,ALTR and see if their support levels does free Nasdaq charts which include intraday charting.

Its interesting to note that the Nas 100 made a double bottom intraday and a lot of players will be waiting to see if we make the higher low before looking for any long positions.

I hope this info from the US maybe of help to anyone who follows ARM.

No financial advice is intended.

Amkor Technology Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter 2021

Second Quarter Highlights
  • Record net sales $1.41 billion, up 20% year-on-year
  • Gross margin 19.4%, operating income margin 11.0%
  • Record second quarter net income $126 million, record second quarter earnings per diluted share $0.51
  • EBITDA $295 million