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Back home after spending a few days at hospital to welcome my twin baby girls, I am back to find out everything has turned pear shape :)

So back to business now...

Time to start a proper ARM thread of the most resilient and popular tech from over 900 last year to form year low at 255 in April finally falling -17.25 (-6.1%) to 263.25 on Friday after successfully testing year low intraday...

One thing about ARM is that they have insistingly refused to announce a profit warning, instead in their results they came up with 52% revenue growth in the first quarter of 2001, saying they were confident of the outlook for the 2nd and 3rd quarters. According to forecasts EPS increasing, from 3.26p in 2001 to 4.7p in 2002 thus price-earnings ratios about 53, still growth prospects, particularly from license revenues strong..

Goldman Sachs upgraded its rating for ARM to market outperformer from market performer saying the valuation has become attractive and the growth forecasts are intact, and despite they are not likely to exceed forecasts by much in the current business environment as thye did in the past...believing royalty revenues are under some pressure from the decline in the networking area, although this is fully offset by accelerating growth in license revenues...

Chartwise I'd suggest to wait for ARM to retest year low of 255 before starting its new trading range, only seeing it successfully testing that level on friday intraday, I did not want to wait and got in at 262...

Stochastics indicate they are much oversold with K ticking up and crossing over D which is flat...all other indicators not suggesting anything +ve yet...

ARM is normally a safe bet over 300, since once it gets there it normally turns 300 into a strong base of its trading range...only those like me who want to make use of the way to 300 rush in a little earlier :)

(no financial advice intended)
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Congratulations Riz...........How you going to find time to keep an eye on markets, with a bundle in each arm????

I agree its looking very much oversold, but still wait and see time. Williams % indicator has made 4 attempts to breakout of the o/s area, since the 31/5, only to reverse downwards.

Has been on my watch list for some time now

Thanks Darth, John... the bundles have turned everything round in my life: short on sleep, rest, etc...long on nappies, milk bottles, etc...still happily, they are my first :)

Hi Riz
Well done, I,m told that life get's better after the first 20 years !!!!!

Thanks Greg...I was hoping you'd give me a shorter time limit :)

Wonderful news Riz.
Well done, to both you and Mrs Riz.

ps i'm back in ARM at 270 i too did'nt want to wait til Mon.
I think (hope) it will be ok.
Good luck
Thanks Steve...

Hehe...I knew you'd be with me on ARM somewhere around that level :)

I am not worried, as I had that strong feeling that next time ARM moves that big it will be northwards and not southwards, still fingers crossed, eh?

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Up +16 (6.6%) at 260 today as they said that "a US judge accepts most of its claims in a suit over seven patents with US company picoTurbo. The case is due to go to trial next year"

Expecting further bounces as US forces UK shorters to cover their positions...


I do feel that I went long on ARM too early - at around the 280 mark. In retrospect I misread the signals - too much studying :).

However, I think in the short term, I will hopefully move into the black. However, I must say that whilst this will become profitable probably sooner than later, it emphasises how vital timing is, on when to stalk, pounce, and let go a share. There is a lot of learning to go yet.

CAMBRIDGE, England (AFX) - ARM Holdings PLC said it and Sun Microsystems Inchave entered into a collaboration and licensing agreement that will enable thecompanies to jointly develop new Java technologies for the wireless devicemarket. The agreement will give ARM access to Sun's Java technology that ARM willincorporate into its roadmap of Jazelle technology-based microprocessors, thecompanies said. The ARM Jazelle technology is optimized for applications where users requirehigh-performance Java execution in an environment where memory resources andpower requirements are at a premium. The agreement will allow the two companies to align their respective Javatechnology roadmaps and collaborate on new Java technology, targetedspecifically at embedded applications commonly found in wireless or mobiledevices.

Up +14.5 (5.9%) at 259.5..after taking its share of techmark dip, formed 2 bottom at 245 only to jump back up by 14.5 points on both occassions...once resistance at 266 is broken I don't see any reason why arm shouldn't head for 300 to turn it into support...


Best wishes Riz to you and yours. Hope all goes well for you all.

Maybe you ought to get a proper job now!!

ARM - Dont forget the stop loss mate - save any emotion for the kids.

Thank you, cookie...and I'll keep your suggestions in mind...hope you're enjoying your break :)

best wishes

Getting there..+19.5 (7.5%) at 279...

I can imagine our Mark & Steve smiling for securing their money and looking forward to possible profit :)

Hi Riz & ARM followers.
I've just been looking at ARM and thought that I'd post my thoughts. Somewhere along the line I've got a target of around 130p. If there are any P & F Guru's out there please show me the error's of my ways.

Many thanks
I am not holding or shorting ARM


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I agree. I shorted Arm today at 2.22. Resistance was 2.25. My target is 1.40, I always tend to be a bit conservative!
I will add to my short on a crossing of 2.00.