Who's After My Bank Account Details?


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On a few sites I've been to,while I've been browsing,I've had a security alert. 'Warning - your computer is attempting to communicate private information.type.Bank Account.What action do you wish Norton Internet Security to take?In a little box - Block(recommended). When I visit the alert tracker log,it gives the destination. http://########/advertising/adlog.php?bannerid=etc. What is this all about?Is it common practice?Who does one complain to? I don't use this computer for anything else than trading,but it's still worrying.
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I use Norton Internet Security but must admit I have never
seen that message. You must be going to some dodgy site/s ;-)


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I used to get the same message from Norton when I was logged onto to Prophet.net which is a reasonable web based source of r/t charts.


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Hi jonny40,
Assuming that you only give your bank account details
on secure pages - a basic security measure is to click the Tools
button at the top of the Explorer page - then click the ADVANCED
tab - scroll down until the Security list appears and then TICK
the box next to "Do not save encrypted pages to disk".


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Maybe it was just a pop up ad "frightener"......... that looked like norton?
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