T2W and 3rd-party Cookies


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I've just posted this in the T2W feedback board, so apologies if you've read it before - thought it might be more appropriate here.

It appears that the T2W cookie is being treated as a "third party cookie" by ZoneAlarm Pro - I dunno why this is, but I would say it's undesirable for T2W, and it's certainly undesirable to have to turn this protection off in ZApro in order to use the site. (leaving it blocked by ZApro causes you to be repeatedly logged out of the site as you move around the site)

ZApro help says:
A third-party cookie is a type of persistent cookie that is placed on your computer, not
by the Web site you are visiting, but by an advertiser or other third party. These cookies
are commonly used to deliver information about your Internet activity to that third

Any ideas why T2W cookie is being regarded this way? Or alternate ways to stop it being regarded so?


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You should be able to allow 3rd party cookies for just the T2W site. I have had problems in the past with T2W and ZA Pro, where I am logged out. I first thought this was when ZA was clearing out my cookies, but it happens more often than that.

And I guess the cookies show up as third part because they are coming from a server outside the T2W domain ?

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