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Last week downloaded the trail from updata.co.uk cos i understand they offer the best Point and figure charts in the market, however not sure im i doing something wrong or they have a rubbish software,

Kindly for more details see attachment.

also will be great to have your comments

Have a nice weekend
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Hi Genti,

I tried Updata and I wasn't terribly impressed, it was about six months ago now but I think you can do better.
Hi Genti,

I've been a long time sufferer, sorry user of Updata software.
Since Jeremy Du Plesis has taken charge of the technical/development side, the software has improved drastically
the glitches are getting less & less.

Re: Prices- have you done an end of day update for the LSE stocks ? Other than that it is hard to tell just from your screen shot what is going on or what has gone on.

At the moment Iam in dispute with them over the fact the software was sold to the ( user), thrice, ( Updata Pro1, Pro2, Technical Analyst) & now they are switching to an annual subscription.

So from where Iam sat, they are charging long time users over & over again for the software they have already purchased.

Any developement/ support costs was supposedly taken care for in an annual club membership fee, which is still applicable.

Having said all this- it does seem reasonably priced in comparison to other products- all of which appear to have their drawbacks.

So you either pays your money & take the chance or vote with your feet & go elsewhere.

I too, would also like to here from other Updata users on this matter & what their opinion is etc

PS Having a great weekend- messing about on the Broads tomorrow :D


Whose software do you use ?

Still toying with the idea of returning to Updata- better the devil you know & all that.

Essentially I trade the UKX & the DJ, but would be nice to have the bigger picture of all the LSE.

For the last few weeks when time has permitted I have just been using the D4F charts with a MACD set up below them, which most of the time is quite adequate - still nice to have something to cross reference it with though.

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I have:

Sharescope EOD, eSignal Market Centre (Realtime UK stocks), AIQ EOD, Pfscan and Sierra Charts/IB. They all do slightly different things and I would hate to be without any of them. If you just want a cheap RT cross check then I'd look at eSignal Market Center if I were you :)

good old updata somethings never change,i had same problem in tp2 r/t ,quotescreen prices were often wrong,only cure i found was to down load an intra day update close program and restart,some times if you add a stock to a watchlist you will get the same problem.hope this wil help.
i found updata when it worked, was very good.charting was excellent. :cheesy:
Judging from Updata's support site, their own feed is not very reliable. They do not support other feeds. I have Tenfore Satellite which I find reliable and accurate. While using TA, I had FTSE future running on another machine so I could trade the market. Tenfore was posting trades into its own charts and I also ran Indexia and TA. Updata missed trades. This was most obvious/visible at new hilos. The biggest discrepancy was only 1.5 points but quite often I would notice .5 or 1 point misses. This could be enough difference to confuse an entry or exit point. I run 3x3 1min. P&F charts for breakouts. They asked me to run one of their checks and send it to them. I did this twice and never heard an explanation. In the event of a computer crash TA failed to save data. Everything was wiped. Tenfore saves and Indexia saves, so you just reboot and connect up your feed and carry on, maybe a 5min. gap in your chart. I don't mind small data gaps as I work off 1min. mostly. Updata did tell me that they were working on the "saving" part and it should be sorted "later on in the year". At one stage, recently, they announced an upgrade on their website. I posted asking them if they had addressed the loss of data on crashing problem. They removed my post and locked the subject!
I don't know much about computers but since I uninstalled Updata from my machine I've hardly had a crash.

Good luck
Guys cheers for your thought. ( really pleased)

the reason i got the trail was cos im a big fun of the point and figure chart. right now i use share scope EOD, they are quiet good but they p/f chart is just far from where it should be.

right now the updata prices look ok cos i updated the intraday snapshot, however my pc start going mad and can't stand to it.

see ya

do you know when the mouse stuck and then starts remembering all the old moves ( moves from one corner to another)
when i had problem with mouse,it started clicking and darting around screen,this was caused in my case by a new piece of software,caused a conflict.dont know if your problem is same,check your mouse for dirt on rollers and ball.did this problem start after you down loaded updata ? :?:
indeed it did, and only plays around when Updata is runing.

Kind rgds
I suffered for 3 long and painful years as a Trader Pro I & II subscriber. There were so many software problems and glitches that it caused me to take my eye off the very investment data I was meant to be following. I can't tell you how relieved i was when my last subscription period ran out.
I've been banned from their support site because I mentioned IB and Sierra :cheesy:

I've been through a lot with Updata but have to say that after a long period of software instability I think they have finally got it right.

The program is complex but not complicated. It takes some learning but I feel is worth persevering with. The P&F charting is excellent and the price is OK. It is available by the month and there are trial offers as you would expect.

Tech Analyst comes without news and with news is called TA Trader

UD have the benefit of Indexia's JdP.

The last month or so has seen an enormous improvement in the software's stability and a range of market sentiment indicators is about to be added to the general release

There have been problems with the Internet datafeed and with Internet provider etc but these seem to be settling down now

UD have had some pretty vicious criticism levelled at them in the past. Perhaps this is the time to re examine
If you want to talk about it give me a PM

Oatman (Jon)

Optimus here :D

I was going to be looking at you for info. on the BB board, since I got turfed off, dared to raise an issue about being ripped off re- purchase of their software. club subscription had expired though.

Got to agree with Rognvald, the software is light years away from
the sh*te it was dishing up in Pro 11 & even 6 months ago with the new TA- looked at a few others & I haven't seen anything to match it for price or ease of use.

Cheers Ls
Opto, Nice to hear from you mate :D , I knew someone would find me. Why have you changed your handle? Is someone using Optimus? Did you see my post on Updata or did they knock it off real quick? I posted in the section supposedly not monitored by support, but their programme's such sh*t that they can't take any competition.
I'm locked out now. I posted that you can feed IB free into Sierra free :cheesy: They didn't like it :LOL: I emailed them to ask how I can get support if I'm locked out. They just gave email and fone numbers and totally ignored the question. W*nkers :LOL: anyway you're on a proper site now where people trade :cool: I'm watching the Dow(YM) at the mo, looks like I'm gonna get my $$ back :cheesy:

Hi Jon,

Original nickname is lockstock tried to use it on Updata way back, but they would only accept 8 letters in theirs, so Optimus sprang to mind as I used to have an 5" tv on my desk manufactured by a company called Optimus.

I probably got booted off just before your good self, after highlighting my disatisfaction with the way Updata had moved over to a license format on the same unmonitored thread. Ha- unmonitored my backside.So didn't see your post, would have loved to contributed to it. :cheesy:

Re: IB Was going to open an account with them, but found some of their forms a tad intrusive. So the Sierra/IB coalition for me is a non starter :(

Tried to download Updata's TA free trial yesterday, which was successful, except they wouldn't provide me with the live data, 'cos they reckoned I had been a continuous user for the last year & that if I wanted the data I would have to shell out some cash- so my reply
was to fire another broadside via e-mail re: my discontent & then followed it up today with a phone call to their Customer Services, much to my surprise the e-mail had been acted upon & supposedly Sinead Mullins is going to have a word with D. Linton.

I told them in the e-mail that I had taken professional advice & that I was unhappy that I had bought 3 lots of software & that I had the bills to prove it & that I was unable to use it, so either provide me with the ability to take the software somewhere else & use someone else's feed or let's talk about some proper compensation. Not holding my breath on this one, as D Linton can prove more elusive than the Scarlet Pimpernel.

If anything comes to fruition on this subject I will impart any progress on this thread, might be of interest to any other disgruntled x Updata users.
updata is run by a bunch of mu@*ets

their customer service is without a doubt the worst i have experienced.
I have being reading the above posts, with interest, many saying that they have turned the corner???
I personally found that the software was very good, i liked a great deal about it.
but every time their was the slightest thing wrong with it i was met with about the most unhelpful people i have come across.
I can think of at least two very miner things that went wrong that they just couldn't fix or couldn't be bothered to fix. either way i ran out of patience and got shot of upyours, sorry updata.

forget working on the software, how about working on some manners??
lockstock(and 2 smoking by the look of it) :cheesy: ,

The thing with IB is that once you've subscribed to the markets you want to trade, the feed is yours and they provide help connecting up. It should run into TA via DDE. Do Updata lock you out of their programme if you don't keep paying for their crap updates?
Unfortunately I've no knowledge of the programming side.
I'm still running Tenfore into Indexia as well as using their own charts. Haven't bothered with Updata. The Sierra package is quite good and many on this site use it. I might dump Tenfore.
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See you later