Triple Play 2 Win...


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Big picture we are looking good.

If you can net .25% a day, you can clear 60% in a year.

I will be happy with 1% a week. It's really hard to be patient tho. You always crave those instant results.

TSLA knocked it out today. Very Impressive!

But Slow n Steady wins the race.

2nd day total = +.45%

Good luck tomorrow

Should be an exciting day 3



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I feel awful for posting this now.

I'm not a quitter & I'm certainly not giving up.

This is a long term investment.

Short term variance will drive you nuts if you let it.

They call it the raging bull for a reason.


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Good Morning.

I woke up fresh and had some time to reflect and think about how to beat the bull. One of the most fundamental aspects of trading is to buy low and sell high.

Although this is an extremely basic concept, most people get it wrong. They get confused and play it backwards. Some people wait for stocks to rise first then buy high only to panic when they fall and sell low.

We are trying to build a nest egg here. When stocks go down its a great time to buy. When stocks go up its a great time to sell. Not the other way around.

It can be extremely frustrating when trying to pinpoint the absolute low to buy and high to sell. You have to be mentally tough enough to handle all the ups and downs. Its a lot easier to say then do, but wearing a cool calm even demeanor is an excellent game plan. Try not to ride an emotional rollercoaster. Definitely do not panic. When you panic you tend to make errors.

This is starting to sound like a self help lecture so I'll stop.

Just remeber, you should be happy and confident when you trade. No one is forcing you to ride the bull.

Buy in the red, sell in the green.

BOL to everyone today.

Hopefully we have found a trench.

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