January Competition Results


Well done to Waldorf who becomes our first winner of 2003. Congratulations!!!

The final top 10 results were as follows:

1 (1) waldorf £69,455.07
2 (2) NiceOne £64,579.17
3 (4) CrashProof £60,554.51
4 (3) Lempicka £59,050.19
5 (20) stooriepops £52,885.97
6 (6) Andy Shelter £52,851.18
7 (7) boa £52,332.21
8 (8) SuddenDeath £51,810.14
9 (9) SMHarman £51,701.61
10 (5) jamie £51,539.26

Waldorf made consistently good trades in the likes of ARM, BA and C&W that netted him nearly 40% return on capital.

Also special mention to NiceOne who narrowly missed out on taking the crown this month - but it was close stuff towards the end and made for an exciting finish to the competition. In addition NiceOne is in 1st place in our league table of highest average total worth with an average of £64,574.38 over 3 competitions (that's starting with £50,000.00 each time. Well done!

Well done to everyone else who finished in profit, and better luck next time to those that didn't.

The next competition starts tomorrow, but as always you can place your orders tonight to get automatically processed tomorrow evening.


ps. Waldorf - your name has been added to the tshirt list, and it is hoped the new t-shirts will be printed very soon.