Trading ES (Q1 2004)

stoploss please

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Does this make sense


Have you every looked at the Tick in this way. It signalled the sell off.


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china white

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mate it is not the way i look at it - but i think u r right. C every1 develops 1's own style :)

my pos here is quite simple - it is 50% fib of the retracement, and I am long a June strangle of 1100 puts and 1150 calls. I did not just lift the offers on the components - worked them a bit to my advantage :). which means funnily enuff - I don't know where its going to go from here - so I want to bank either way :)


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china white

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btw we r done here - our little expiry is midnight tonight - I am starting a new thread with a similar name :) hope u all had a good Q1 - and best wishes for Q2! :)

btw u know that alleged City yardstick for traders: "a trader is as good as his last trade"? I personally disagree with that. IMHO a trader is as good as his yearly P/L. Still, a quarter is a good time span. Looking back tonight I realise that if I was sharper (as I shud be) I cud rack up at least 25% more. Just basing on the system I am trading on. But...... we r just humans...... and we DO need some time on the beach even if it comes at the expense of some unearned profit :) Overall no regrets and a brilliant quarter! let us keep up good work!


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Could anyone tell me where I can get accurate OHLC data for the S&P etc.

I checked on bigcharts, and also compared the data to sharescope for the 6th of April and the data of OHLC varied from these sources.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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