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so can one just use interactive price feed to run the charts instead of paying for the like of esignal?


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Yes you can, You can subscribe to IQ Feed (via Hyperserver), for $30 per month + Exchange Fees and the quality is excellent.



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im so behind i have been paying us129 per month!! for esignal to run the charts... so i use interactive's feed instead great help cheers, can this software save the days data so one can back test/optimized etc?


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I am not clear on what you are saying here and what you actually need to chart. Are you saying you want to use IB as a datafeed ? Also how many instruments do you want to chart and what are they ?

Tradestation is not to cheap to purchase as an initial cost.



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hi ,
i am looking to get feeds in for
liffe(ftse) and (euribor)
i have tradestation 2000i and would like to get as cheaap as possible as long as they are realtime. i currently use esignal to power tradestation but if i could use interactive and hyperfeeds this would be good.
can hyperfeed store the data so i can back test do you know?
all your help is greatly appreciated


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The probem is that you cannot get backfill data from IB but Tradestation stores the data on your hard disk. So the issue is that if you get a break in data then you cannot fill this without a separate data feed supplier. In my view IQ are one of the best for your requirements.



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TS 2000i - Obtaining

I may be a little naive, but on a quick Google for TS 2000 I came up with a large number of (US-based primarily) entities selling this 'original s/w and documentation' for fairly reasonable rates - $250-300.

Is this more likely to be pirated then genuine?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a bona fide supplier of this product or is it all based on classifieds and the second-hand market?


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All Re Data Feed and TS2000i

IQfeed from DTN can provide all US stocks as well as CMB,NTFE,CBOT,Eurex, LIFFE Futures and Forex. They even provide a NAZ L2 service. The data feed can be accessed via Hypertraders Hyperserver or Traders-Soft Metaserver to TS2000i Globalserver. There is up to 4 years for EOD data and about 3 Months of 1 minute downloadable data.

Versions of TS2000i are available from mostly European suppliers, full versions costs around £ 1,600. However, there are still some suppliers in the UK with stock. Omega (title holders of TS) discourage re-sales of TS2000i. Take a look around eBay although used versions will not be presented for long. In the US there are suppliers of what are called "after market" versions of TS. Not convinced of the legality of these versions.

Hope this is useful.



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is iq feed with dtn reliable do you know? i have had esignal and i know i can trust this although sometimes esignal does not work a good when plugged into tradestation as it does by itself?
i just do not want to sign up for iqfeed and it not to be exact
any veiws comments would be greatly apppreciated


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IQFeed do a 14 day trial. I've found them to be quite reliable. Although you have to be tolerant of the occasional spike. Happens with most feeds. Support is comprehensive and very professional.

Hope this helps.


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Tradestation Data Feed

End of Day or "Refresh" during the day for effective live data feed for tradestaion - The Cheap mans Solution $55 one off then- FREE for life :eek:

I have no financial Interest in this personally other than thinking most Data Feed is Very Very Expensive!!!! - and I'm on my :cheesy: charitable mode this morning

What TA software is supported? You can use HQuote Pro with Metastock, Omega Research Tradestation and Supercharts, Elliott Wave Analyzer,WinWaves32, Advanced Get 7.x , Neuroshell Trader, BioComp Profit, Omnitrader, SierraChart, FCharts SE, Bull's-Eye-Broker , Excel and other programs.

What about monthly charges for the data? There are no monthly charges for the data as you download it directly from free Internet sources like and We do not (re)sell the data, our software is just a kind of a very smart and intelligent Internet browser.

Do you provide a free trial? What are the limitations? Yes, all products have a free trial period (30 days) during which you can evaluate its features, speed and reliability and decide whether it meets your needs. One limitation of trial version is the size of Portfolio limited by 10 to 200 items.

Can I use your data with the charting software which is not listed above? If your technical analysis (TA) software can read ASCII data (please consult your user's manual) which is a standard feature nowadays, then we are 99% sure that you'll be able to use HQuote Downloader with it. If it reads Metastock formatted data, you can install free Metastock Downloader and use it with our program.

What are the benefits of being a registered user? Free stock quotes updates
Free software upgrades
Free technical support


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mmillar said:
What you were looking at was TradeStation 7. TradeStation 7 costs $100 per month + exchange fees if you use them as your broker ($200 per month if you don't). You need a minimum of $5,000 in your account to trade equities and $10,000 to trade futures. Don't know how much you need to trade Forex.

The advantage of TS7 is that your data is managed for you and everything is in one package. No grabbing different bits of data from different sources or trying to get various packages from different suppliers working together. It allows you to concentrate on trading.

The disadvantages are that you only get American exchanges and Forex, and the brokerage side doesn't have the same functionality as IB e.g. to trade equities, futures and forex you need three different accounts.

I use TS7 and am happy to answer any specific questions you have about it. :)


Dear all,
thanks for the information which has been very helpful. So far I have been using Java and coding my screens and even my charting (based on a library available on Internet). As my charting/screening software is becoming more and more complex to maintain and seen that I want to bring my trading at the next level, I have now decide that I want a professional setup.

The things I expect to do with my professional tool are:
- keep studying my market trend following system based on EOD data. Can I use Yahoo EOD and transform it into TradeStation data?
- back-testing my stock picking system (again daily data)
- putting my proprietary indicators into the hours/minutes timeframe and start developing a strategy there.
What is the best tool for that considering that I also have a IB account?

Is e-Signal better of Tradestation when considering the following characteristics:
- clarity of charting
- possibility to extend with new indicators
- automated trendlines
- possibility to create a complex system (with complex rules)
- possibility of market replay (like in Ninja Trader)

Thank you.


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Some of the good things about Tradestation 8.2 are -
Free spot forex data.
The ability to freeze your futures brokerage account at the end of a calendar month, have X number of days off, then unfreeze your account again by faxing a letter with your authorising signature, whenever you want to, and only being charged for that month on a pro rata basis.

Although client services can be inadequate, if you follow up a fax with a phone call in the above situation, they will act speedily. enable cheap international calls (USA 2p per minute).
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