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Hi all,

Does anyone use tradestation here, as a chart software and direct access?
Isnt it better than IB?
Hi i use tradestation 2000 with meterserver and ib, also have esignal to download historical data, the package worksfor me.
Regards mark
marky, paul,

it may sounds like a stupid question but why go through IB and buy market feed when it looks like tradestation offers packages where u get everything...i mean, that s what i see on their site. are those package only available for US customers? isnt it possible for a UK resident to open an account with tradestation and get it all (DA, market feed, historical)...
also, has anyone had experience with the E*trade DA platform, if it exists?

You can open an account with TradeStation from the UK. You didn't use to be able to though.

$199 pcm before you start though...


A simple answer to your question and that is Cost. Using IB as a datafeed is free of charge with Tradestation 2000i (which is no longer sold in the US). Databull is a one off cost of around £70 where-as the package offered by Tradestation costs a minimum of $100 per month. There is simply no point in incurring greater costs than are necessary and if you treat trading as a business (which I do), then cost reduction is just part of common business sense.

u right paul. so what is ur configuration? tradestation, databull and IB? how much do u pay or have payed for all that?
thx :)
I bought Tradestation 2000i about 3 years ago and when trading futures used the IB datafeed with MeteserverRT and Historybank (which comes with Tradestation) as my downloading platform for filling of gaps in intraday data and is FOC to use but at the end of this year it is being discontinued.

Depending upon what I am doing determines who I use. There are restrictions to using IB as you are only allowed 40 symbols and I need nearer 200. I have more recently been using Quotetracker and subscribed to for $13 per month and I also have a level II subscription for $30 a month. So my more recent costs have been $43 per month but I am always looking at other alternatives.

Hi Guys,

I don't know if this is the right place for this but Sharky feel free to move this message to another thread if appropriate.

I have an original copy of TS 2000i with original books etc that I have never really used. (A waste of '000's). Be pleased to sell it if anyone is interested.

Let me know by PM.

Merry Christmas

gfrachet said:
Hi all,

Does anyone use tradestation here, as a chart software and direct access?
Isnt it better than IB?

What you were looking at was TradeStation 7. TradeStation 7 costs $100 per month + exchange fees if you use them as your broker ($200 per month if you don't). You need a minimum of $5,000 in your account to trade equities and $10,000 to trade futures. Don't know how much you need to trade Forex.

The advantage of TS7 is that your data is managed for you and everything is in one package. No grabbing different bits of data from different sources or trying to get various packages from different suppliers working together. It allows you to concentrate on trading.

The disadvantages are that you only get American exchanges and Forex, and the brokerage side doesn't have the same functionality as IB e.g. to trade equities, futures and forex you need three different accounts.

I use TS7 and am happy to answer any specific questions you have about it. :)

thx mmillar...sounds pretty clear and a good deal to me as i was planning to trade only dax and naz stocks and maybe a bit of forex but i dont mind trading only naz....i must say those tradestation version 7 and 2000 etc were a bit confusing at first! but 100$ overall sounds like a good deal.

do u know how easy it is to open an account with them from here (UK)? any experiences?

i guess another drawback would be the fact they re in the US, so the helpline must be an issue sometimes.
u have to stay above $25k right?

ill start with $35k...hopefully i wont loose $10k too fast! :rolleyes:
Trader333 said:
Presumably the $5000 does not allow Pattern Day Trading status ?


No, $5000 is the minimum they want off you before they will let you open an account.

Sorry. Not sure if that was a double negative answer. PDT rules require $25,000. But TradeStation want a minimum account balance of $5,000 even if you don't PDT.
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The opening process took some time for me (a couple of weeks) because with a futures account you need to sign and post all the paperwork to the US. They told me that with an equities account you can do it by fax - so in theory a lot faster.

I've only every called the helpline a couple of times. They answered straight away but it can be an expensive business phoning the US. If I have problems I generally just post them on their website



how long have u been using it? i suppose u just use it as a whole package right? u happy with it?

but it looks like paul is right on the day pattern account...if i wanna trade with the 4/1 margin, 2/1 overnight, i need to have at least $25k on balance on the account and trade at least 4 in/out in 5 days or something...
I've had an account with TS for a month now and am very happy with it. The data feeds are always there (something that I haven't experienced with Updata) and their help desk is quite good. I spent an hour with them on the phone once. At 3p a minute, my cost was £1.80, so I got good value.

There will be a new version within days or a couple of weeks. It looks really good.

Setting up an account did take 2 or 3 weeks to get through all the US money laundering hoops. I dealt entirely with the US operation rather than anyone in the UK. I don't know if it makes a difference.

Based on my short time with them, I have no problems recommending them.
gfrachet said:
how long have u been using it? i suppose u just use it as a whole package right? u happy with it?

I've used TS2000i for about 9 months and TS7 for about the last 3. I use TS7 as my charting package, backtesting package and broker.

I am happy with TS7 but wouldn't necessarily rate it No. 1 in everything. If I had to rate different packages then ...

Real-Time Charting
1. eSignal
2. TradeStation

1. IB
2. TradeStation

1. TradeStation

Just my opinion and based on the packages I have used. I don't believe there is a perfect package out there, though hopefully with the improvements TradeStation are promising TS7/8 should get close.