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ilia king

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Does anyone use Trade Bolt, it says it can transport your automatic orders from tradestation and metastock into IB. Is this just a joke or does anyone actually use this software, If it is not a phony then it would greatly assist me.

Thanks very much!


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Ilia King,

I've used it with TS2000i and it does indeed work. If you're using TS2000i beware of a bug in TS whereby Limit orders can get replicated in the Tracking Centre. TradeBolt will execute the duplicates as well :D

Worked fine for Market and Stop orders, though, the last time I tried it (about 9 months ago).



I have not used any of these products, but you should also consider two free alternatives:
Bracket Trader offers ATS under advanced features. This requires adding 'print' statements to your strategies to make the trades.

The other one to watch for is from They are soon to release a new free product called hyperorder for Tradestation. They don't actually say whether it is for 2000i or 7, but it is worth watching.

Of course, the real problem with automation is that you need to have a good automated strategy first. :)



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Ilia K,

Sorry, haven't come across a fix for TS2000i (which is unsupported now, anyway). I did raise it on the TradeStation Tech Support forum, but never got anywhere. I think the TradeBolt people are aware of it as well, so they might know of a work-around.



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I have been using Tradebolt since the beginning of March. I use it to forward Tradestation 2000i's trading signals to IB TWS, and so far it has worked flawlessly. There is only a lag of a few seconds between 2000i's signal and a trade being placed with IB. I don't use limit orders so can't comment on the above mentioned 'bug'. Investment Engineering have only recently begun charging for Tradebolt, and their billing department is still a bit of a shambles. I was charged for someone else's (considerably more numerous) trades in March, however they have since refunded me, and April's statement was correct, so hopefully they've sorted out this teething problem now. I could do without the $2 per round trip per contract though, so if anyone has any experience of BracketTrader or HyperOrder, I'd be very interested to hear from you. I know HyperOrder is still v1.0, so I'd prefer to wait for the guinea pigs to iron out the bugs before going live with it myself just yet.

At the moment I'm just trading the eminis, but am looking to screen a large number of stocks and automatically trade the ones that meet my criteria, can this be done using TS 2000i? Can it be achieved using RadarScreen, or must I squeeze all the stocks into a workspace and auto-trade as I do now?

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