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There a lot experienced users here, especially about Metastock, so I was wondering if anyone can help me out about automatic trading in metastock pro (7.2 or 8 - got both).
Would it be possible to attach it to IB and get streaming data, then use an indicator like a MACD, and metastock would check the (3 min) chart and find when a crossover and then send the order to IB. Tradestation does that, but does Metastock?

Any reply is greatly appreciated. :cry: :cry:


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As I've still got a day job, I just use end of day data, and the "basic" version of Metastock. I understand that the Pro version can trigger normal alerts, or can send messages via email or mobile phone, but as far as I know, it doesn't automatically place trades for you. It appears to have a facility to fill in a trading form for you when working with some brokers - according to

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