This web sit looks brilliant...........


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This web site looks brilliant and is a credit to Sharky and the boys. It gets better everytime I visit. I think the impact is outstanding and I would like to acknowledge the progress made, going from strength to strength.

Well done!

Thanks a lot!!!

As I'm sure you know, the site has been going through a rollercoaster ride the past few months.. and in terms of the look and feel, I think we're nearly there. Comments and suggestions are welcome and ALWAYS appreciated.

It's time now to take the content a step further, that's why this weekend you'll see some new addition to the site..

For starters there's a new Analysis section, with Winners/Losers, Most Active Shares and Sector Movements + more to follow, let me know what really interests you. I'd like to get the UK/US Futures on soon too.

And also this weekend the new book library section launches, where you can share your views on trading books.

Stay tuned! :)


ps. traderx, madaboutrome - cheers mateys!!