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One for Sharky, I guess.

I have registered a web domain name and would now like to create some web pages. This has mostly to do with material connected with my book. So, starting from a position of zero:

1) What is the easiest software to use in order to achieve this?
2) Do I have to use the same site as the one I used to register my domain name, viz Netthe.Net? I have an account with totalise so I guess I have web space there, if I could only figure out how to use it! Any other suggestions would be welcome.

Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks.

you can create simple web pages in Word but Microsoft Frontpage has a lot more functionality.

When you have mastered the simple things there are many other graphics type packages that can be used to make your site more sexy.

The pages you create form a structure (web) and are linked together with urls (and point to other pages on the net too).

You can use your isp (just create the pages and publish them to the server) but this will not correspond to your domain name.

You will either need to have a web server set up on the domain you have registered and publish the pages there or may be have a web server and re-direct browsers to the isp site.

Hope this helps a little but the subject is vast.

Good luck.

Thank's for that. I appreciate that this is a specialised area. I guess I'm looking for a cook book type approach, something quick and dirty. Looks like I'll have to invest some quality time here!
One important thing, make sure the server accepts Microsoft Frontpage format. NTL/Cabletel, for example, doesn't. You have to use Netscape Composer- what a pain that is!!!!!!!
Thank's Martin. So, will Frontpage be easy to get to grips with? I'm pretty sure Netthe.Net won't accept Frontpage, but I'll look into it.
Hi Hill, would have answered sooner but have been away all this weekend.

In answer to the first question, there's only one web design program I'd ever use and that's Macromedia Dreamweaver. Currently version 4, but 3 isn't far behind if you can get hold of it. Personally I wouldn't touch FrontPage, but perhaps it's simpler to use, though to be honest once you get the hang of Dreamweaver, you'll find it a breeze to use, very flexible, powerful and best of all it doesn't mess around with your html code. So you can open an html page and it won't change any of the code, keeps everything intact.

As to the second question, you don't have to use the space provided by netthe.net - from looking at their support page you can't upload your own pages you've got to use their sucky software to create your web pages. Unfortunately it doesn't tell you how to go about transferring the domain from them to totalise. Best thing to do is email them and say you wish to TRANSFER your domain across to another hosting co. and also contact Totalise and find out if they let you do this with a free account. They can then give you the transfer details that you will have to pass on to netthe.net to complete the transfer. Otherwise there are plenty of web hosting co. that you can get decent hosting from with frills like server side scriping (PHP/ASP) and SQL databases....

Hope this helps..


Let me know if there's anything else you need me to explain. Always here to help!!! :)
Is server side scripting like a salad on the side, or a chip butty or something?

Thank's for your comments. In order to do this properly I guess that a considerable investment in time is required. I'm prepared to settle for some investment in time, accepting that I may not get a bells and whistles look. I leave bells and whistles to experts like you. I also have an account with ClaraNet and have 50 Mb of space available. I understand that I can download by FTP. I still have to create the pages. I hear what you say about Frontpage, but I'm no expert and only want to use a system that will get me up-and-running quickly. Also, I got a free copy of Frontpage Express when I signed-up for HomeChoice. If Frontpage gets me up-and-running then maybe I should go with that. Unless, there is something even simpler!