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No Debate Without The Lord J

Look how the sheep wander aimlessly, without any invention, ambition nor leadership. Under the guise of their shepherd the Lord J, they were longing for freedom from his authority and guidance, yet now they have it they do not no what to do nor where to turn.
They lack direction, and end up merely following the herd with no superior intelligence there to teach them how to survive. They are hungry and withered, their wool has nor been shorn and they are getting hot and irritated with each other. They yearn for the wisdom of their master, they cannot survive long without him, yet has found pastures new.
Guess Who's Predicted World Events - Again!!!!!!!!1

On the 24th April I wrote

'And if what I see developing turns out to be true then there is a horriible TRUTH for all of us in the next 2 months'.

3 weeks later we have not one, but 2 Al-Qaeda attacks killing a total of 70 people. THESE ARE THE 1ST AL-QAEDA ATTACKS SINCE THE BALI BOMB, many many months ago.

I have seen people questioning me and my seminar, yet no-one has took up the challenge of re-reading my posts and judging their accuracy. Hence, I have had to do so myself. My seminar is sold out, that's why I have not contacted anyone about it. I will contact them for the winter ones, that shall also be SOLD OUT. That's a given. It seems I cant win. If I contact anyone about my seminars I am here to sell them, if I don't I am a shady character who can't be trusted.

To all those who are coming to my seminar, well, I look forward to seeing you and will make my boldest prediction yet. One that will shock you and may force you to re-locate your homes. I will give it a specific time span of 6 months to occur. I will be ridiculed again and again here but hey I've been 100% correct so far. I pray everyday that this time I'm wrong, but I doubt I will be. ]


There are plenty of people who know what's going on......
only they keep their mouths shut.
I predict that something important will happen by 20 Nov 2003, Guaranteed!!!! Your prediction was pants, in other words, with a world full of nutters I'd not be surprised to see Oslo go up in an uncontrolled first test of an artifical black hole... specific events fine, but I'd suggest these attacks caused enough needless grief not to capitalise on them by claiming to have made a prediction.
I for one don't care whether your courses are great or not - failing to reply to emails due to full courses isn't a sign a brilliance, it's just bloody rude. I run a very small business and answer every email personally within 24 hrs - act of God allowing. I call that 'polite', I try to be like that in the hope I will be treated politely in return. Take a humility pill old chap, you might well have a lot to offer but nobody is going to bother checking until you learn to be less arrogant. There are some DAMN good traders here, some are far better than you sunshine, take a leaf from their books and you might achieve through humility what you are certain to fail to achieve via the megaphone.
(And if you can snatch the pebble from the old guy with the ping pong eyeballs you get a free roll of rice paper into the bargain).
Knit one, purl one....
You're losing the thread old boy... Baaaaaa humbug!

This is the same idiot who posted similar i know everything (often followed but i can't tell you about it) rubbish on the iii boards (such as the ARM). I can assure you that he was far from right all the time in fact he was wrong most time is closer to the truth. Not sure if he goes there anymore (as i don't) but he was shown up so many times i can't believe he would have the nerve to keep posting as everyone knew how full of it he was.

As for him running a course, it probably consists of an introduction something like i am so clever etc etc and if i told you how i do it i'd have to kill you.

My guess is the course is most likely in his imagination.

PS I would not normally take this stance but having seen this character before i only think it is fair to point out his shortcomings in case anyone is taken in.

Is that Dave Baker. If it is, the response is shorter than those we used to enjoy on Poets Cornered and with the occational putdown on the Sharescope forum.
L. J. What does your post have to do with TA and system trading? Posts like this should be put in "The Lounge" please.
Didn't I mention i'm really Nostradamus.

If you live in London leave now, whilst you still have life.

Lord Jamla needs help

Look, the guy may have an inflated ego, an exaggerated sense of his own importance and a host of other defects we woud rather not speculate upon.

But at the end of the day its results that count - two kinds:

A. Trading results


B. People who've actually been on his trading seminars who can give us an independent view.

LJ - its no good posting claims about your trading results here, or news predictions that really anyone can make. Too many people are unhappy with your attitude etc and so your claims are not believed. But i would like to see some posts from anyone who's been on LJ's seminars and whether they have benifited from so doing.
On the 24th April I wrote:

'And if what I see developing turns out to be true then there is a horriible TRUTH for all of us in the next 2 months'.
You call this a prediction? I don't. A meaningless, nonsensensical generalisation. Any fool can say this sort of thing, any time these days. Watch me:

I predict there will be a major suicide bombing within the next three months. Place: Israel

Sadly my 'prediction' will likely prove to be true.

Probably the only other kind of nonsense around here is the time we all spend paying attention to this rubbish.
.....responding to this reduces us to that level...she/he is provocative and she/he expects reaction......

A village rooster always thinks that sun rises only when he croaks....!!!!
Ignore Lord Jamla

It would be better to ignore this child.

He is just attention seeking.

Many years ago my Father (catsgrandad, I suppose!), told me that "those who shout loudest usually know least, and are trying to cover up their own inadequacies"
Never a truer word spoken, and how appropriate to the subject of this thread.