The end of the world as we know it?


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OK, I don't want to be accused of being the new Lord Jamjar but here is a theory. I really hope this is total rubbish and could never happen and that people will completely disprove this.

In the past the stock market has seemed to predict world events. For example on 6 Sep 2001 the Dow decisively broke below 10,000 and we all know what followed on 11 Sep sending the index crashing 2000 points. Many other crashes have been associated with global events, such as the Asian crisis, oil shocks etc but they have also coincided with breaks on the indicies below major psychological points.

At the moment most major indices have rallied above significant levels. The dow at 9000, the FTSE at 4000, Dax 3000. Could a break below these levels predict a major global event leading to a big crash?

Coupled with that is the big head and shoulders pattern of which we are just retesting the neckline of now, should this fail and the pattern completes then the target for the dow is sub 4000.

Some Elliot Wave theorist also claim that a Grand Super-cycle Collapse began in 2000 leading to a target of Dow 400 (four hundred).

So the stock market is predicting a catastrophic world event, where is that likely to come from?

Sun-Tzu in the 'Art of War' says: 'if strong, feign weakness' and 'if unified, project division'.

Is it strange that Saddam Hussain allowed his country to be 'liberated' so easily by the Americans? No Scud attacks on Israel, no real resistance, he just disappeared. Doesn't it now look as though America attacked a small defenseless country for no good reason other than increasing American Power in the world and controlling oil supplies? 'If unified, project division'.

Wasn't it a bit strange that the cold war ended so suddenly with Russia just seeming to give in to Western capitalism. Russia used to have more Nukes than America, what happened to them all and why did they back down so easily and let the West think that we had won? 'If strong, feign weakness'.

The World is now worried that America is the Worlds only superpower and seems hell bent on enforcing it's rule globally. Was this the plan all along? Any attack against America could then be seen as a defensive move against an aggressive world power, ie America has brought it upon themselves.

What next? America was prompted into action by the Twin Towers attack. The next logical country to draw into the plan would be Israel. A dirty bomb attack in Israel would force them into an aggressive stance, with America as allies. The middle East would be thrown into absolute chaos with all out war between the Arab states and Israel. Russia could then take this opportunity to make a dash for the south (as already agreed between Suddam and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a Russian Nationalist). An all out attack to gain control of the oil in the middle east. With Israel hopelessly cornered they would have no choice but to retaliate using their own arsenal of nuclear weapons. This gives Russia and the East a perfect reason to unleash their own nuclear assault on the West. America would be seen to have brought all this on themselves.

Of course, starting a Nuclear War is suicidal, but then we've seen a lot of suicide attacks recently in the name of the greater good.

"[IX.55] The horrible war which is being prepared in the West, The following year will come the pestilence So very horrible that young, old, nor beast (will survive)" Nostradamus

Dow 4000 or even 400 could be the least of our worries!
And I thought it was just Tom Hougaard who was as mad as a hatter. :cheesy: I'm not sure I want to be in the 'sb bias doesn't exist' club with you anymore.

SB companies bias their quotes all the time. They're all crooks. See, I'm not with him.
If you want to know what the future holds just read the Bible.

Whether you believe it or not it has never been wrong in all of its forecast.

In Revelation it mentions a market crash that will be the mother of them all.
"but here is a theory"

Theories only stand up if they make proposals that can
later be tested by observation ?

So, what specifically, is your forecast ?

Come on, you can't sit on the fence, its barbed wire !
I don't think it alters a thing :)

Live your life as if each day/moment were your last and precious. Enjoy each moment as it happens because you'll never have it back.

Shame about the tortoises if the world does end though!
There are a couple of things I think are relevant:

1) If life is predestined then there is no point in trying to do anything about it, you may as well just sit back and let it happen to you.

2) If it is predetermined then who or what is deciding our fate or destiny and for what purpose ?

I dont think this is the case and even if it is I am unable to do anything about it. So I will just be optimistic and try to be at my best at all times possible. My hope is that, if I become a victim of any of these doom and gloom predictions, that my existence on Earth has made it a better place than it would have been had I not been here.

we've taken 4 million years to get here. Dont think we are going to stop now.
Anyway, I expect gaia will take care of us, if need be ?

All this pre-ordained destiny psycho stuff does not lie on the
path of development of homo sapiens.
Not since the 15th century anyway.

Load of round objects
rglenn, stumbled across this chap late last year....and I've found myself re-reading it more and more these days...I'm no biblical scholar and don't have vast political knowledge, but some of what he says rings true and ties in with Sid's comments.

This guy sticks his neck out and attempts to interpret today's events (in this article the 911 attacks) through bible passages - it's quite readable, although he has, what many will think are extreme views and appears to make a few questionnable assumptions.
ChowClown good on you matey! It is always worth investigating things.

Its funny how none of us have gone this way before - and dismisses things so readily.

How many of us were around 14 million years ago?
If you want to know what the future holds just read the Bible.

Whether you believe it or not it has never been wrong in all of its forecast.

In Revelation it mentions a market crash that will be the mother of them all.

can you substantiate this?

I do not remember ever hearing that before....
In the year 1999 and seven months the 'King of Terror' will descend from the heavens. ---------- One of Nostradamus' best, I thought.
Bullish Bear and those who are interested.

The relevant chapter is REV 18 verse 11-24!
I think theyare just talking about UK manufacturing base ?


but actually , he is talking about Iraq and Babylon.

lol again
And a mighty Angel took up a stone like a great millstone and cast it into the sea saying,
Thus with violence shall the great city Babylon be thrown down and shall be found no more at all.

Sounds like Atlantis to me
maybe they have been looking in the wrong place !
Nostrodamus was a nutcase, he predicted a lot that didn't happen, in obscure language that supporters claim was to avoid prosecution for withcraft etc but I claim was to avoid uncomfortable comparisons with the truth as it unfolded. As for the top of this thread, you need to see somebody - personally I prefer my therapy in a glass, which would be a valid alternative.
There's no great conspiracy, frankly I don't think politicians are bright enough to concoct a good one... when they're naughty it's really a sign that they're a bit thick.
Nostradamus was using the green code, the same code other well know TA commentators on this web site are using to help trade the markets :)

Cheers a320.