LORD J puts his head on the line AGAIN


Yes friends it's that time of the month. NO IFS'S NO BUTS NO MAYBE'S, You only get DEFINITELY's when you deal with the Lord J.
Now, I have been open to much derision and personal attacks since the last time I put my head on the line, which considering I was 100% correct to buy the Dow below 8,000 and FTSE likewise, I was slightly perturbed by. Hence, today's GIFT shall not be so forthcoming.

You'll have to do some of the work yourself, and really it's not that difficult nor time consuming. Bring up the most volatile stocks in LE FTSE and view the 6 month chart. What do they all have in common?????? Why is this such a rare occurence????? What does this mean??
Just to make sure we are 100% correct, no 99.99999's when you work with me), what oscillator do we check has not made a lower low???

Spooky innit??
What is spooky is when MSFT does something and so much else follows.

Now check out the six month chart of MSFT and see what you can see!

Just to make things clearer use that Pisan mathematician's number series to spot some interesting levels.

SPOOKY eh! What does this all mean? If anything at all.

If anything does happen i'll be back in six months to say inevitably i was spot on again.:LOL:
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Jamla, if you traded what you posted you wouldn't be on this forum.
So why are you trying to wind up these good people?
6 months?
yes, that tells a story. But it the story has already been told.
Have a look at the ten year chart, also the ten year for the nas 100, S&P 500 and the ftse, couple of sup, res and trend lines, then bring them down to 3 month charts and take a good look.
That's spooky!
Oatman, I do trade what i post, but unlike some, I am not sitting looking at prices 24/7, that's not my way, my system has been developed so as to give me spare time aswell, in search of commune with rare shepherds. It's a bit like the Gay-dar, you know, after conversing for 5 mins with a person you can tell if they are sheep or shepherd.
You see I would have loved a shepherd to come here and read what I wrote above and say

' Yes, Lord J I can see where you are coming from - I shall short all major stocks and indices immediately'

Did I do this or am I in fantasy land again, well go and see my portfolio in the share comp, some of which has been mirrored in real life. People will always be wound up by those they do not understand, it's human nature, tho' I do not seek the approval of sheep.
My motive here is to teach and awaken people from their deep sleep, (tho' I am bounded by contractual agreements). nothing more.
Lord- Pray tell.

I missed this post originally, but looking at a 6 month chart, I dont see what led you to go short at that time. Clearly you were correct as the market fell for the next two days.

However, when looking at a 6 month, daily chart of the FTSE, I see a potential breakout of the long downtrend, testing the 4000 mark to the upside. The Dow looks very similar and the nasdaq has broken through resistance. True, the nasdaq also fell for a couple of days follwing your post, but would this not be a pullback, presenting a possible buy opportunity, particularly in the nasdaq. (The market being up again today, making nasdaq look an attractive long for the next few days).

Also, if the FTSE/DOW falls through the recent higher lows, (31/3, 14/4, 17/4 for the FTSE) then this would turn negative once more IMHO.

Clearly, some others understood your original post but could someone please enlighten me?


Come on now everyone!

Let me put my put neck on the line as alot of this market stuff is just plain common sense.

The markets have been truly battered in the past 3 months not mentioning the past few years.

As the more astute will realise the war as pushed the markets to its extreme low levels and they are now on the rise again and will not return to those levels again.

All markets seem to follow the Dow Jones and as it is on the up all other markets will follow.

For those who like TA check out the Moving Averages for all markets and you will see that the trend as turned to a upwards momentum.

Even the SARS outbreak doesn't seem to be affecting this momentum.

Only another war will see the markets falling to the extremes we experienced in March.
I agree the market sentiment is pretty positive at the moment. Good/ neutral news pushes the market up whilst bad news causes only temporary set backs. Yes, moving averages are pointing upwards (depending on the time scale obviously) but these are only lagging indicators.

The current sentiment and price action is the most promising sign of a market bottom I believe we have had during the current bear market. However, we are still in a long term downtrend whilst FTSE is below 4400 so I dont think the long term bulls should get too excited yet.

At the end of the day, we will trade the markets whichever way it goes, so we shouldn't be too concerned about where the market will be at some point in the future.

I would still like to know how other people have interpreted the 6 month charts as I still see short term strength pushing the markets higher at least in the short term (particularly NASDAQ) for reasons stated earlier. (Strong resistance ahead of this though)