Worth reading again (posted last week)

'Shall I stick my head on the line. Hmmmmmm yes I shall.
This is the last bit of divine inspiration I shall be giving away for some time, so do take heed of it.

Buy as much Dow and FTSE futures as you can since this shall by an extremely bullish week. For EW enthusiasts, and this is proof that Lord J can perform the analysis, we are about to begin either wave 2, or more probably wave C of an expanding flat on most major stocks and indices. 3,600 on FTSE and 8,000 on Dow fits Fibonacci retractment levels perfectly as does the time ratio.

Hence, the much feared 'Battle of Baghdad' shall be dominated by the Allies and all the fears you have read in your papers will prove to be unfounded, at least for this week.'

Posted on 7th April by Lord Jamla.

Those who followed my advice are currently 340 points and 500 points up on their FTSE and Dow longs respectively, yet there is a tad more to come - so hold on. What we are hoping for is a wave 3 (not a 2 as I had mis-typed earlier) and the broadness of this rally is a good sign.
What is more frightening is my comments about the war. We have had nothing but good news since my post was posted. Now the question is, is can the stock market predict world events??? I have shown above that it can. This world is one big play and we are but the mere puppets. All things succumb to destiny as is written on thy forehead, the result of this war is already written, my friends, thou cannot change it, just as I am now acting in the will of my creator, all of man's worries erode when he gives himself up to the divine will.



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My own view is still down.

Having said that I'm long in the Dow competition - it was a typo - it was supposed to be 7986 but for some reason I either typed it wrong or it went up wrong. Such is life - it is not important.

As I said last week there could be some blips upwards. We got one last week. These do not change the way the Dow is going at the moment.

I will need to see a strong move upwards that is supported by volume and better indicators (unemployment, consumer confidence and PMI) before I consider there has been a reversal or even a bottom.

Lets see where it is in a couple of weeks time before we start to get excited. A few months would be a more appropiate timescale but I think we will see a move back down very shortly.

Remembered the point I was going to make :) It is the differing views which make the market. Some think up and some think down. Without the difference we would not have a market to trade. At the moment the ups seem to have it but the downs are still there.



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Yep - if I could trade the ' if only's ' I'd be typing this from Hawaii.

I would have asked Paul to change it but it would not seem to be in the spirit of the game so I'll just have to get you another month :)
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