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Do you want to see Jamla's portfolio on the home page??

  • No, I prefer to live within my means

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  • Well, just to see if he can keep outperforming the majority

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  • There is no need, I already have his portolio on my list of favourite webpages

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  • Absolutely, I'm going to organise a demo about it 'ONE TWO THREE FOUR, WE WANT JAMLA'S PORTFOLIO'

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Can I suggest that the administrators set up a direct link to my Share competition Portfolio, on the home page. This would save people time rather than going the long way round. As you can see, Lord J is sitting pretty in 6th, already 1,200 squids up after a day. This after making 4k last month and finishing 13th (from 100)I often have problems getting in to my portfolio since there are often a huge queue of people dying to get a view of the latest way to make easy money (internet traffic I think it is called) but I am prepared to put up with this in order to awaken the brainwashed masses from their hypnotic sleep. I warn thee - the Lord shall only be here to show his brilliance for a limited time, I shall be busy preparing my seminar in the summer - of which the last ticket has been sold today.

Good day friends

Lord Bloomin' Jamla (LBJ)

I would love to attend one of your seminars.

Would a cheque for £10,000 do the job.

On second thoughts I have better uses for the money, sorry.

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Sorry mate thie summer tickets are all sold out. Of course you have better uses for your money - your saving it for our winter seminars aren't you?