T2W Site Suggestions Please!


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Sharky, on that last one, Financial diary, maybe offer a company some free advertising.


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Don't know if it already been said but I would like to see a permanent Guide to using the site (as the site becomes more complex there is more need). It could include for example FTSE's guide to posting chart images on the site and resizing them etc.


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I believe you're referring to the ShareCast new feed. I'm not actually sure how popular this is and was even considering dropping.

That would be a pity I think.
perhaps it is not 'popular' simply because it is not AFX/RNS ?

However if you are unable to enhance it, I would agree it's fairly useless in its present state. But that's exactly why I suggested it be improved.

Catch 22 ?



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The most important feature would be a voice conferencing facility such as PALTLAK.. Today I opened a room in paltalk under Technical trader and the share of knowledge amongst our members was great .. We discussed various market neutral strategies and traded the market in real time with 3 pair trades and a single directional trade.. It simply makes more sense to be able to call the trades in real time with people watching than post event junks which is no use to any 1 except commercial traps..

Voice facility allowed me to justify my trades in real time .. This is what is all about..

SO Sharky do you think we can have such a facility



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Grey1 - the only problem with that is that it does limit the knowledge-share to those who are/can be physically on-line and participating AT THE TIME.

All that good stuff that went on PalTalk today is gone forever.

The benefit of a BB system is that thousands of people can come along at any time, day or night, months after the posting and benefit from it.

I think PalTalk is a great example of how to use RT conferencing for discussing the things you were into today (PT and Directional trades in RT) and it meets those needs perfectly, but the benefits were limited to those participating only.


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You do have a point but most of what gets discussed in a forum like Paltalk in realtime never gets written up afterwards anyway. So from that standpoint it is invaluable so long as people still post on the boards and dont treat as as an exclusive alternative.



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And the winner is.....


I basically whittled it down to 8 suggestions (all excellent), 3 of which were Colin's - so I think it only fair that Mr. Riche wins the prize.

For those interested the 3 suggestions were:

1. Make location a required field in registrations - now implemented.
2. Make up new user titles based on number of posts - now implemented.
3. Give users the ability to search for a phrase rather than just individual words - hope to implement in the near future.
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