Website Suggestions


I'm starting this thread in the hope that it will throw up some suggestions about ways in which we can improve the website.

So if you've got even the smallest suggestion, then please add it to this list.

For example perhaps you'd like to see more books listed in our book shop, or receive alerts when a book price changes. Or perhaps you'd like us to commission authors to write articles for the website, or read interviews with top traders. Maybe some things don't work as well as they could on the site, perhaps you think the Traders Directory could be more focused on the leading UK sites.

Any ideas, let me know!

Small suggestion Sharky - on the Chat page can the 'transcript' current chat be a longer currently shows about 6 messages. I like to log on at work occasionally, but as I'm behind a firewall can't get into the rooms - so seeing a bit of current chat is something.

Maybe just removing the 'cartoon thingy' on the left & having the poster, time & message on 1 line would allow say 20+ lines.

Great site.


Hi Sharky,

I agree - great site!!!!!

As a suggestion I was wondering if it would be possible to have a summary of events after they've occurred. E.g., I would really have liked to have been able to log on last week when the welshwizard was due in, for a chat I beleive. However, was unable to at that specific time. Having missed it, it sure would have been nice to have a summary covering the more salientg points of that event. Or, maybe if possible, though it may be a lot of work, but a transcript would have been ideal.

Just a suggestion.......

Cheers top a great site!
Thanks guys..

Arty, not a problem.. I'll add some more lines of text. Dsmondi, in the past we have put transcript of the lectures we've held ourselves in this forum. But like you said it would be nice to have some sort of summary for those that have missed it. In future I'll try to get something from whoever is holding the event!

Keep the suggestions coming in...

Hi Sharky,

As a further suggestion, the chat synopsis you have of the UK chatroom is very good, especially the longer version you now have. Any chance you could include the US chatroom as well? Maybe put that on the right and the UK on the left (as it is now). Perhaps the stuff currently on the right could be put as smaller links across the top part of the page somewhere.

Or, maybe after the US market opens, the transcript from that chatroom could replace the UK chatroom which is generally less lively than the US room...

Not very important, just a suggestion....

Hi dsmodi, sorry for the late reply.

I'll have a chat with the channel ops and see what we can do.

Thanks for the suggestion! Keep them coming in...