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I'm going to make the changes later tonight to the boards, so if there are any more comments please post them now.

Couple of other ideas.. combine the classified books and trading software/hardware forums into one, and then one extra forum for trading for a living/self employment discussion. And also move all the posts from the news headlines forum (that used to be on the front page of T2W) into T2W News & Events. Finally, possibly split the T2W website and new members forum into two, one specifically for feedback about the site, and the other to let new members introduce themselves and to get used to posting on the boards.

All that's left to do them, is start moving threads into their correct forums, no small task!


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Hi Helen,

Recognition of approval, or otherwise,of individual posts (no tally) would be useful.
However I acknowledge that this can be done by posting and perhaps this is fairer as the poster is then identified.
Anyhow it's a great site and getting better.
Take this as a rec.



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All the new forums have been created along with their categories. I've closed off the Active Trading board for new posts and over the coming days all the historic posts will be moved into their relevant forums. Hopefully this will make it a whole lot easier to browse the forums and find exactly the information you're looking for.

I'd appreciate any comments about the new structure, which mat yet change this week depending on the feedback I get from the members.



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Hi Sharky,

Hope it's not too late to put in this request, but would it be possible to have chartmans daily dow/es/sp500 stuff in a dedicated area. This is because the charts posted on there are a great historical reference, and having them in a dedicated area would make it easier to search for any particular days intraday chart, or even just to browse them generally.

A separate area for Level 2 posting is also a great idea, even if it is only naz that posts mainly on L2. His postings are one of the most significant and informative posts on the site, and pretty mush down-to-earth as well it seems. Always look forward to them....

... and a great site as is sharky! looking forward to the improvements!


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If anyone else can't find threads, just use the Search facility at the top of the page. And if you think anything is in the wrong home, let us know! We've moved loads and loads of threads and it is quite probable that we've cocked up on one or two ... For 'we' read 'I'.


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Hi dsmondi,

As skim says, we've moved them all into the indices forum so it should make it a lot easier to browse through them.

Glad you like what we're doing with the site, I've had a lot of positive comments. But I'm to all opinions, so if you're unhappy about the new structure, air your views too. I'm hoping to condese a few more boards, but I think overall slitting the forums up in this way makes it a whole lot easier to browse through the substantial threads over build up over the past 2 years.



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I can't find anything.

Gawd.. why can't people just leave things the way they are ?

It's like everything in life - I have never ever known anything to be 'improved' for the better....

rant rant rant.


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JEEZ - I can't find ANYTHING !

What are you lot doing ??

do you really want to drive people away ?

A pig's ear, far too many sections now, what a mess.

I challenge anyone to find familiar boards.


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lol Morris¸ I felt the same¸ but the majority thought it'd be better so we got to give them chance to prove it :)



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Well, the life I have led so far has told me one thing ...

that the majority is ALWAYS wrong.
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