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Hallo to all T2W members,
Thought it was time to come out of the woodwork, so to speak, I have been reading all your posts since November and I would like to thank all active posters, as the knowledge and experience passed on by all of you is a great help to a newcomer to trading like myself. I have not posted before, being a novice I haven't anything constructive to add. Again, many thanks, it's a great board.




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hi David

Welcome to T2W, and congratulations on your first post.

Most people think they have little to add to the board because they are new, but this just isn't true - every contribution (no matter how great or small) is valid and adds life to T2W.

The majority of new members appear to be new traders, and so their posts will certainly be useful to others who are at the same stage in their trading career.

So, roll up, roll up! Keep posting! :D


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Is there any way to change the postcode put into the trade locator? I put my old postcode in, but now want to change to another one.


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Hi Fish,

It's great to see so many people making use of the Trader Locator tool - there's some 328 members currently registered with it, and 8 members who live in my home town of Harrow - North West London.

As regards changing your postcode, at the current time there is no facility with which to do this. But I shall certainly add it to my to-do list, so thanks very much for the suggestion. In the meantime if you'd care to email me at [email protected] with your new postcode, I can update it manually for you.

All the best,


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Just wanted to say hi to everyone and thank you all for a great site. Have finally made the move over here from TMF having seen many references to this site from the usual suspects on CTS.

Am still getting to grips with the site, have just discovered my control panel which I really like - it has a nice view of all the forums I have subscribed to, and is a good starting point - though it doesn't seem easy to get there from the main page without first going to my profile ? Also, after looking up someones profile I am often returned to the home page instead of my control panel, its not a major hassle as I can go back a few times.

I hope to start contributing to the forums soon !




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theknifemac - welcome to T2W, and it's nice to have you aboard.

A quick way to return to the home page is to click on the big red T2W logo at the top left of every page. There's also a 'Home' link at the bottom of every page, although most peeps dont' scroll down that far.


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I have read all the comments about improving trade2win, in the above posts, however I wonder how many of the 3200 plus contributors have actually put their hands in their pockets to assist. :cry: Very few, although it costs a fair amount of wallop to keep a good website running, I have a small website and forum running for beginners, but nothing compared to this facility. The time and effort that goes in 7 days a week to support all users must be immense. ;) Don't get embarassed Paul :eek:
I know that one of this sites aims is to remain independent and loyal to its users. They must surely be approached by bigger interest soon. I like to see it remain as it is with improvements. And I would like to see it grow from strength to strength.
I can foresee this site being the Pivot Point of UK traders. :idea: So let’s give Paul Gould some really meaningful support!
I know if Paul made a direct appeal (which he would not) it would be seen by some as turning the site into a commercial venture instead of the free site it is.
So I am starting a one man campaign to get you all to contribute something to help make this site grow :cool: . So lets put a miserly £5 or £10 in the post to Paul or Send him a similar amount to him through or by postal order or cheque to his address , it must be on the site somewhere? :!:
Now I know that the majority of users will keep there money in their pockets :devilish: because it takes EFFORT to actually do it! And yet they will still pick up many money saving tips through all the helpful contributors to the site – But that’s life. There will always be Freeloaders! :devilish:
OK Its up to you and remember not just a one off :| send him a small voluntary donation once a year. Cash is best (he won’t have to declare it!
Paul – Why not put a link to this post on the Front page?
PS. Anybody who books on to my beginners workshops “and mentions trade2win when booking” will know that £50 of the £379 fee is winging its way to Paul :-0
OK Action – over to you!
John B


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Hi John,

This is the best UK trading site so would back your view if that is what it takes.



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I was meaning an easy way to get back to my control panel, as this gives me a view of all the forums I am interested in. On a related note, the only way I can get a forum to go "read" is to mark the forum as read, but I was expecting that to happen after I had viewed all new posts but this doesn't seem to happen.

Just minor grumbles



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I'm afraid you've lost me there Mac - what do you mean by your control panel? Do you mean the list of forums, which you get to by clicking Trade2Win Boards at the top left of this page?


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Hi davelong and theknifemac, welcome to the site.

Theknifemac, I think I know what you mean - you're talking about the user control panel which you can get to from the link on the community dropdown menu called "Your Profile" (bit confusing that - will probably change it to "My Control Panel"). Or the direct link which is:

Subscribing to forums and threads is one of the features of the bulletin board, but I'm not sure how many people use it, and to be honest I've very rarely used it myself. But certainly as the number of forums have grown and the number of daily posts, it does becoming an increasingly useful way to manage all the information at your disposal.

Theknifemac, were you thinking of having an icon in the header of every page that takes you straight to your control panel? Or some other clever way of navigating back to it?


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Well John,

Thanks for the support! What can I say!?! Nice picture!

There is a facility to make a donation to the site, which is provided through a link on the About Us page -

To date I've received, I think maybe two donations - but its not well publicised and has always been a purely voluntary contribution.

In terms of the amount of time and effort required to run a site of this size, you're right it's no small job. But as long as things are running smoothly and the competition doesn't keel over, or some other travesty like me deleting the journals - then the majority of time is spent responding to emails, and thinking about what next to add to the site.

It helps a lot that my full-time job is as a web developer, and I have a keen interest in the financial markets and have always enjoyed the challenge of being at the reigns of a project. I love the idea of a community website because I get immediate feedback and a sense of creating something more than the sum of the parts - a bunch of static html pages.

I can't imagine the site becoming any less independent or introducing some sort of a charge for using it. Donations are extremely welcome, not just financially but because it shows how much people value the site.

You will have noticed there's more advertising on the site in recent months, and this has proved to be unavoidable without subscriptions in order to enable the site to grow more - for example I'd like to upgrade the data feed and display ftse charts/indices, but there are all sorts of license fees that the current budget simply doesn't allow for.

You may see more regular partner offer emails (up to two a month) - although its easy to unsubscribe from in your control panel) - and although some people find this intrusive, being able to send these to our members helps us pay for the running costs and future improvements. And you never know they might even be of interest!

I've been keen not to plaster advertising across the site, shying away from large banners and skyscrapers. For the first time next month we will be running some pop-ups, but these will be capped and even though I'm no fan myself of them - if it helps to push T2W forward I hope members will appreciate that without compulsory subs there's just no other way.

Getting back to donations, there may be a case for highlighting them and I think those that do should be rewarded with suitable recognition on the site.

Well this has become quite a long post, so I'll leave it there for now.

Thanks once again John for all your support.


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Hi Sharky et al

I'm going to throw myself in the firing line here - Don't worry I'm ready to duck.

Please please please no pop-ups. I don't know about everyone else but I HATE them with an extreme passion!!! I think it makes any website look tacky, and I've yet to see any pop-up that is of any use.

I know T2W needs to raise funding to progress further, but pop-ups IMHO are not the solution.

Ok I've had my say. Fire away peeps :eek:


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Hi Paul,

Rather than the dreaded pop ups how about I donate the excess funds from the traders day to the site? Most of the people who attend and present are members here anyway and since we've raised £600 for BHF on the previous two days maybe £300 to T2W is fair? What do you all think?


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how-about giving folks the choice to either donation a tenner to trade2win, which in turn, for a given length of time, buys the right not to have pop-ups .....or suffer pop-ups ?

If I had the choice, I'd gladly start the ball rolling.....
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