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zambuck said:
...ignore button that would ignore a whole thread would be very welcome....

Thanks for the "ignore" function. Keeps the verbal thugs out of sight and threads on topic.

Maybe the wrong place but like the new dropdown menus - much more readable
Glad you think so Rognvald. It's been a commented on a number of times that people found the contrast of yellow on dark red difficult to read - and I thought it was about time we smartened it up. The new version of the site has been put on hold for the moment, as I think the time will be better spent on improving the existing site - so expect to see lots of small updates over the coming weeks. In particular the trader loactor and reviews sections getting a makeover.
I agree with the Paltalk idea.. its a great thing for trading if people get into it.. very cheap to subscribe and avoid the pop-up ads and a much better way for traders to communicate than mirc as has been said... takes a bit of getting used to using mics.. but some like it and others can still type anyway..

Its a two way street I guess since if you pointed people to paltalk they would encounter the other very active trading rooms there that are free.. but then of course many others would come across your room also..
Just 3 more days to come up with a winning suggestion for a free bottle of champagne. Thanks for all the contributions so far, some excellent ideas. Unfortunately I've not had a change to comment on the more recent ones, but I will be posting my feedback over the next few days, and the winner will be announced on the first on Feb.
I would like all the messages posted on all threads to be at the top of the thread. I think that would be in descending order?
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no thanks, I like to read down the page.

Withdrawn suggestion. Facility already available.

My sig says it all....
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well, boy, when they start printing newspapers and books in the english language which read from the bottom up, then I might just get into the habit. Possibly,maybe.

Until that day, stick it in your ear !

I think that the Private Messages and e mails box should have more emphasis on the Home Page, as I have sent several PM's e mails in the past and it has taken some members a few days to reply/respond. I, too, by habit do the same and forget to check PM's and e mails, so it could be good to remind the user when they log in, in big bold letters or something.
That already happens. Check your user options. "Pop up box when you receive a Private Message".
View New Posts/Mark All Forums Read - option?

When I get to the /boards and 'View New Posts' it gives me all the BBs that have had new posts since my last 'visit'.

Thing is, if you're on for more than a few minutes going through them all, by the time you finish, there's a bunch of new ones (potentially) which you wont get to know about if you hit the 'mark all forums read' option.

The way I currently get round this is to cycle back to the 'view new posts' (before marking all forums read) to pick up the 'new' posts that have arrived since I started looking.

It would be good to have some way of catching these 'new arrivals since you arrived' category of posts.
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This board offers a limited news service

1- News does not come through that frequently, so , is there
a way to get a pop-up menu when a new item comes in ?
or maybe by making it a sticky thread or through the 'buddy' list system ?

2- Can it be extended to include AFX ?